An octogenarian’s whimsy

When one has gone past one’s (statistical) use-by date, one is entitled to ponder about such questions as: What happens when I die? Do I (as spirit) go anywhere at all? If I do not, what then happens to my spirit (surely I have one)? If I do go somewhere, will it be a permanent move? If so, will it be one of heavenly bliss? If so, what will that be like? (A stupid question really – heavenly bliss must surely be richer than ordinary bliss.) What then? How many souls or spirits can this place accommodate? Where is it anyway? Will I see the sun rise there, as I do now (if I wake up early enough, and look out of my window)? If all of us are going to enjoy heavenly bliss, what’s the point of Earthly suffering? Or, living a moral life? So, what (if any) is the point of Earthly existence?

Then, there is the other side of the coin, the unbuttered side of a slice of bread. What if we just live and die, like the insects, the birds which eat them, and the animals? I am not sure if the animals are as useful as the insects, because they only eat one another, or some of us. Yes, yes, I am aware of the pleasure we receive from looking at some of them, and even cuddling some of them.

If we humans are the highest form of animal life, especially if we are the chosen species, should there not be a reason for our existence, and our special position? If there is such a reason, does this mean (logically) that not all of us will qualify for heavenly bliss? At a moral level, we are significantly divergent from one another. Is this why so many of the elderly (sorry, senior citizens) whom I have met are afraid to die? Regrettably, that is true. Even some regular churchgoers say that they are not sure what death means for them! What a terrible situation for these people to be in.

As a metaphysical Hindu, I do believe that I will be going to a Way-station or R&R depot or a temporary place of learning, to be ready for the next inning of a very long game. It is only a belief, and thereby cannot be proven or disproven! Certain psychic experiences I had have strengthened this belief. However, I do not claim to know. As a speculative philosopher and fearless in my search, I am looking forward to whatever happens.