The significance of contact with spirits

How many influences are there affecting an individual’s destiny path?

  • The reincarnation process, reflecting the law of cause and effect, appears to be the primary cause of a destiny path in each life. Your present life was shaped during your past lives.
  • Freedom of thought and action are clearly evidenced in each life, some clearly of moral value. While a moral action would benefit a future life, would it impact on a present destiny path?
  • Higher beings in the spirit realm seem to have a significant input into the destiny path of individuals on Earth. Are such individuals ‘harnessed’ to contribute to specific objectives, because of their innate nature as observed in previous lives? For example, to cope with White Australia?
  • Presumably, chance impacts cannot be avoided.
  • Human failure also cannot be ignored.
  • Do personal spirit guides operate to ensure compliance by their charges with the objectives of decision makers in the spirit realm?
  • Or, do the spirit guides of individuals merely protect the individual, to enable the individual to ‘perform’ according to ability?

Then, there is the issue of ‘higher beings.’ Is there a hierarchy in the spirit realm tasked to look after humanity? But operating behind the scene!

My first clairvoyant advised me not to be “in a hurry to get to the Other Side,” as it is “not that different from here.” (How disappointing, for many!) He was referring to what I term the Afterlife (or Way Station or Recycling Depot or R&R post). “You will be able to continue your learning there,” he also said. (I like that!) But “you will not meet God.” So, the Afterlife is not Heaven.

Now, I have had a close friend reach out to tell me that she is now dead; she moved a small mirror from a wall and placed it on a bench against that wall. I have had my favourite aunt appear to me in my mind on the night she died, when I was in that pre-sleep stage in bed. A close friend from about 45 tears back also let me know when she was leaving Earth, but I had no vision – only sensing her passing presence during my pre-sleep stage. I also had felt the supportive presence of my father for 3 nights after his demise.

Yet, we ordinary folk cannot reach our loved ones or the closest friends of the past when they are spirits. But C, my first clairvoyant, could, as did the Aussie healer (with her Spirit Healer). Both claimed they used a meditative process for access.

I am now beginning to understand the complexity of human existence. Like a bird returning to its roost each nightfall, so my soul will return to our Home in the other Dimension after each future-shaping sojourn on Earth. The embodied ‘me’ in each Earthly life is not likely to be aware of my soul’s extended trajectory through time, unless a developed ‘third-eye’ offers casual glimpses. In this, it may be aided by gifted clairvoyants. Those so gifted may have been nominated by ‘higher beings’ in the spirit realm to guide those of us who need to know the meaning of existence, but also to understand the paths we traverse.