Major influences on probable life-paths

What shapes an individual’s life? Universally agreed causes and influences would be: one’s genetic inheritance; mutations of one’s genes, possibly during gestation and the birth process; accidents and other chance impacts after birth; as well as a barrage of societal and environmental influences. These might include: poor parenting; permanent injuries caused by risks taken; erroneous decisions in regard to education and the acquisition of skills; personality defects in relating to others; and pure bastardry by Significant Others (eg. employers, teachers, spouses, etc.).

From a cultural viewpoint drawn from the ‘forest religions’ of India, the most significant influences would be past-life heritage, and the impacts of planetary movements. Those who believe in the unproven Big Bang theory of cosmology, or a speculated and unprovable multiverse Cosmos, or the man-made dogma of their religious beliefs, need not scoff at the idea of past-life influences and associated belief structures.

I have also found Chinese astrology (based on the nature or character of certain animals) most useful in understanding fellow humans of interest to me. And, our planets may also have a degree of influence over us. Present-day ignorance cannot ride roughshod over the great philosophers of yesteryear.

Stated simply, one’s past-lives predicate a probable pathway for one’s current life; one’s core nature and reaction potentials, as well as intelligence and morality, are likely to be involved. Yet, one would remain free to ignore one’s positive inheritance in favour of the negative aspects; this might explain behaviour of a deleterious or self-harming nature.

Thus, in each life, one paddles one’s sampan on one’s personal river of destiny as best as possible, avoiding the rocks, cliffs, and other impediments probably created in one’s past lives, or found naturally on one’s path; and, by enhancing one’s moral status, one sets the stage for a smoother future life. Indeed, you ‘save’ yourself; you do not need saviours. Such self-sufficiency should attract those subscribing to the ethos of the nations of the West. However, one should never reject any input from saviours.

In the event, could not those in the spirit world with an interest in you, choose to intervene in your life, in order to offer guidance or betterment? Surely, ours is not to ask why, but to accept what is offered with gratitude.