Some questions about the events of pre-history

That there was a sub-continent extending beyond the south east coast of Asia, which was drowned, and which resulted in the nations of Southeast Asia as we know them today is apparently not contentious. If the single Universal Deluge had occurred about 13,000 years ago, as agreed by some powerful researchers, then one would expect this sub-continent named Sundaland to have been drowned convincingly.

That would not have allowed a gradual dispersal of the peoples of the sub-continent, because the trigger for the Deluge was a cosmic impact which was cataclysmic in its effects. Perhaps the emigration occurred later through local vulcanism.

Those who write about Sundaland refer instead to the gradual end of the last Ice Age, with 3 floods resulting, as the cause of the sequential emigration from Sundaland. The sea level surges cited are dated 14,000, 11,500 and 8,000 years ago. On the other hand, the impacts of the exploded supernova Vela have been dated at 41,000, 16,000 and 13,000 years ago. All these dates, measured in thousands of years, are certainly confusing.

Did those who have written of the end of the Ice Age as a cause of cataclysms take on board the repeated cosmic impacts and the resulting convulsions of Earth? Did they take into account specifically the probable buckling of the Earth’s surface; the possible shifting landmasses and oceans (from east/west to north/south in orientation) through the effects of the Deluge triggered by Phaeton, the fragment of Vela; the associated tilt of the globe; and the probability that the residents of previously unknown advanced cultures who had survived the Deluge of about 13,000 years ago had aided the subsequent recovery of human societies?

Allan and Delair, in their book ‘Cataclysm,’ state: “ … many had doubtless seen the great antediluvian buildings, large boats (arks included), irrigation systems, pottery, metallic utensils, and weaponry specifically mentioned in innumerable traditions they had not themselves designed, … “ And they do pose this question: “ … what firm evidence is there that such artificial creations existed before the Phaeton disaster?” This they date at 11,500 years ago.

Will we ever know? Do we need another Edgar Cayce?