Physical evidence of pre-Deluge civilisations

There is undeniable physical evidence that technologically and astronomically advanced cultures had existed on Earth long before the Deluge. Since the great monoliths they left behind have not been explained as yet, and are allegedly beyond our current competence in construction, their origins have been left behind in explanatory limbo. Ignoring this key issue will not make it go away.

This scenario is not quite like that of the hobgoblin that one might suspect is living under one’s bed – refer my earlier posts. There is substantial evidence of advanced early civilisations.

“Among the physical evidence for exceedingly early civilisation are the innumerable stone walls retaining agricultural terraces on the slopes of the Peruvian and Bolivian Andes. These occur at several places well above the present line of perpetual snow, where cultivation is no longer possible. … they can only have attained their present elevation when the mountains were upheaved. …

Cyclopean stone ruins now 13,000 ft (4,000m) above sea level at Tiahuanacu, SSE of Lake Titicaca, and apparently similar lithic structures on islands on the lake, seem to be equally ancient. … Commenting specifically on the Tiahuanacu ruins, but in terms equally applicable to all those stone structures, Sir Clements Markham once observed: ‘The city covered a large area, built by highly skilled masons, and with the use of enormous stones. One stone is 36 ft long, weighing 170 tons … Apart from the monoliths of ancient Egypt, there is nothing to equal this … There must have been an organisation combining skill and intelligence with power and administrative ability.’

The undoubtedly genuine discovery … of a carved figurine at a great depth under ‘Pleistocene’ lava near Nampa, Idaho, represents the handiwork of some very early cultured race. So, also, do the well-made granite dishes in undisturbed auriferous (gold-bearing) gravels containing the remains of typical ‘late Pleistocene’ plants and animals … all these artefacts are very ancient indeed.”

These extracts are from ‘Cataclysm: compelling evidence of a cosmic catastrophe in 9500 BC’ by Allan & Delair.

The authors also refer to ‘carved lithic utensils’ (stone dishes, pestles, mortars), ‘bowl-shaped mortars, graceful sand stone pestles, serpentine cups and steatite tobacco pipes,’ and an ‘inscribed bowl’ bearing ‘strange, elaborate, and carefully executed script-like signs or decorative devices,’ a ‘portion of an iron chain,’ a ‘copper coin-like object,’ and a ‘beautifully fashioned plummet-like object of sienite’ ( ‘… an exhibition of the lapidiary’s skill …’).

“Such technological accomplishments bear eloquent testimony for the existence of a civilised race at this early time.” (Allan & Delair)