The recent tilting of Earth

I watched planet Earth develop an increasing tilt for a few years. It tilted very gradually over about 4 to 5 years. Did I see or feel Earth move? Obviously not! Not possible. If I had been able to see any movement, I would surely have been experiencing a cosmic catastrophe of some magnitude.

How then did I work out that our planet was tilting? It was quite simple. The sun was rising further and further south, year by year. I can obviously see the sun rise over the sea near the south-eastern corner of Australia. There has been no further tilt for a few years.

Do I have other indicators about this tilt? For one thing, the Arctic is melting. That would happen if the North Pole is closer to the sun. The corollary is that the South Pole would be further away. The only melting possible there is when the new warmer waters from the north wash onto the edges of Antarctica. That would be relatively slight, I would expect.

I have not seen or heard the media or the government mention this shift. Is this tilt not significant? Are not the increasingly open Arctic waters encouraging new sea routes, and intensifying the competition between the adjoining nations for the now more accessible resources of nature?

When one considers the massive seismic convulsions which might have shifted the tributaries of the River Indus, thereby destroying the Harappa civilisation, one should be grateful that the Arctic is more navigable through only a slight tilt of the planet.