Interventions by the spirit world

God’s track record of intervention to alleviate human suffering is not particularly impressive. Babies are being born to suffer and die; child labour is exploited; slavery is rampant; near-starvation is the norm for millions; human labour is seen as comparable to animal labour; and women are treated badly. Wealth and opulence are there for the taking; the takers are not known for their interest in the welfare of the needy. What of those powerful priesthoods? Have they no influence?

The explanation for this tragic situation may be that even God cannot deflect the River Of Destiny in its flows. His mechanism for the Universe, set on automatic, seems to be tamper-proof. Yet, I concede that He is able to over-ride all impediments and barriers, if he chooses.

What of the spirit world? If God is, by and large, unable to deflect the River of Destiny, how could the spirit world? However, on the basis of my experience (which upset me considerably, initially), it would seem that ‘higher beings’ in this realm did piggyback (so to speak) onto the sampan taking me on my personal trajectory. Ignoring for the moment what influenced this trajectory, the spirit world wanted me in Australia. As my clairvoyant was told, those higher beings who had sent my favourite uncle to guide me had experienced difficulty in getting me to Australia.

That was because, as foretold by that yogi, I had traveled south to Australia; but I had returned home. The spirit world had now to get me back to Australia. Was that decision of its own volition, or was it merely ensuring that I came back to where I had to be – Australia?

Years after my second entry, my uncle was sent to advise me. The crucial bit of that advice was ‘to contribute to building a bridge from where you came to where you are.’ However, I am not a chosen one; only a mule who had the experience to make that contribution – through my writing.

I doubt that even the spirits can alter the Dance of Destiny, once it had been laid. It has to be followed! However, it can intervene to achieve desirable ends without affecting a destiny path.

Intervention to change river-beds clearly seems unavailable.