The challenge of clairvoyants communicating with spirits

Having recently read a compendium bringing together the developments in each of the areas of parapsychology, I sought direct experience, but on the basis of reports from reliable friends. For a small fee I consulted a clairvoyant. Before I could say anything she started to doodle and told me about me and my family. She told me about something that only I knew about. I was impressed. Then she told me as fact something that I had thought might be true but not highly probable. That suggested to me that she could read my mind. So I asked her about the future. Three of her predictions have now turned out to be true.

I then consulted a mediumistic clairvoyant. I had no questions for him. I only wanted to see what he did. Before I could say anything, he said that he had a spirit present, and that the spirit claimed to be an uncle of mine who had passed over to the other side many years ago. I did not know what to say. I had no knowledge or experience of returning spirits or contact with them. In my understanding, our post-funeral ceremony was to despatch the departed soul to its destination (wherever or whatever that was) and to ask the sun to bear witness. What was I to do?

I identified the spirit as my number one uncle, who had influenced me so much. The MC listened to the spirit and passed on the comments to me. Eventually, having accepted the spirit as my uncle, I was told certain things about my past and my present, by both my uncle and the MC’s spiritual guide. They were accurate. The major matter my uncle referred to occurred after his death. Some commentary from the MC’s guide was indeed not particularly flattering but it was part of a message about my future.

Actually, the MC could see events in my future and his guide provided the commentary. My uncle offered advice as to my future spiritual growth. At one stage, I said something to the MC, and my uncle responded through the MC. That was a jolt. It seemed that my uncle could hear me, while I could not see him. Philosophically and metaphysically, that experience left me high and dry. And the MC’s vision, as regards my future, was consistent with that of the earlier clairvoyant.

Soon after, while I was visiting my clan in Malaysia and Singapore, I read every day for weeks, seeking answers to two questions: what is the Hindu view of reality, and is it possible to communicate with a spirit? Eventually, a guru told me that the answer to the second question was yes, but to exercise discretion in the way I used any information that I thought I had received. My aunt (who was alive then) agreed that I accept the spirit as my uncle.

The answer to the first question, I guess, is not one which can be spoken of, for it is said that those who tell do not know, and those who know cannot tell. Refer J. Krishnamurti in ‘Commentaries on living’.

(These extracts from ‘Destiny Will Out’ tell of processes which are challenging. The soul or spirit of a dead person did manifest itself and communicate with a living person. But, the spirit has no substance; therefore has no brain (and no ears). How does the spirit hear, or receive thoughts, and convey thoughts? As well, my uncle’s spirit conveyed memories of events I shared with him, and also ‘spoke’ of events which had occurred after his death.

He also referred to ‘higher spirits’ who had sent him to counsel me; and how they had felt that he is the one I was most likely to accept; this means that they know about my sceptical approach to life. He also mentioned that (in the words of the clairvoyant) the spirit world had experienced some difficulty in getting me to Australia.

It was all too weird for me! More importantly, 12 years later, I addressed a class of university students about the bilateral culture shocks caused by the sudden arrival of significant numbers of young educated Asian students in whiter than white Australia. When the clairvoyant had told me, in the presence of my uncle, that he could see me addressing some young people, I had ignored the matter as unlikely.

I now accept that the future can be read; but what determines that future? That is, what mechanism sets in train events for the future?

Then, confusingly, while the universe which we humans perceive may be neither real nor unreal, that is, as maya, it seems to offer both precision and prediction. Ah, the mystery of existence!)