Remembering ancient wisdom

As a product of an Asian communal culture, I feel that I am more aware of the implicit connection of humans with one another, and with both Earth and the rest of the Cosmos than many of my fellow-citizens in a Western nation whose ethos is individualism. This latter code for conduct does offer more personal freedom than communalism, but lays less responsibility for others upon each of us.

However, unlike the human body, in and on which every part has a contributory role in maintaining the whole, human beings may not be requisite (ie. needed) components of an autonomous and complex cosmic system  – so grandiosely extensive – whose meaning is beyond us. Yogananda’s experience of cosmic consciousness (refer my recent post) describes but does not explain (how could he?). We are possibly akin to vermin but (hopefully) with prospects of evolving into angels.

That evolution might occur if we do not keep getting eliminated as a species or civilisation from time to time. Seemingly, there have been advanced civilisations with great skills before each major cosmic calamity, the last one associated with the Universal Deluge and its trigger from space.

The folklore of early (ie. pre-Deluge) cultures, some of which were not technologically advanced, clearly indicates a high level of morality and spirituality (eg. Native American societies). A claimed confirmation of certain planetary movements at that time dates the Vedas of the early Hindus to about 9,000 years ago. These writings display a high level of intellectualism (refer my recent posts).

If there had been any technologically advanced military cultures in pre-history,   such as the mythical Atlantis or its alleged enemy the Rama Empire of India, they must have been buried or drowned. Cultures such as the Maya, or the builders of the pyramids and the Sphinx, or the Incas have, on the other hand, left legacies which are challenging. Intimations and indications of huge scientific and technological knowledge abound – through myth, megaliths, and art.

Contrary to those who cannot accept that advanced thinkers and achievers had once made great contributions to humanity in earlier times, increasingly there seems to be a merging of the old with the new, when recent researchers have broken out of the strait-jacket of the scientific method (with its necessarily limited purview).

There seems to be more than one path to understanding where we live, and its past. As Edgar Cayce said, many of those who had asked him about Atlantis had lived there in an earlier life. Could those modern scientists who are investigating cultures which had existed in pre-history had actually lived there?

That is, does the past illuminate the present through rare soul memories? Could ancient wisdom be increasingly accessible through some individuals encouraging their minds to be in tune with their own hidden soul-memories? I am attracted to Hinduism’s adage that the human mind is only an instrument of Consciousness.

Since Consciousness envelops and simultaneously infuses us, could we also seek to find or establish links through it to the wisdom of ancient cultures, our figurative ancestors?