Souls bubbling into existence?

In the field or workplace of scientists, the concept of an aether, an amorphous ephemeral atmospheric all-pervasive essence has not been disproven; probably never will be. The Michelson-Morley experiment was apparently faulty. But it suited the supporters of the prevailing paradigm of cosmology to claim that there is no evidence of this aether.

Denying the existence of the aether will be akin to claiming that there is no God. How would anyone know that? Or prove it? Can anyone prove the non-existence of anything? Or that a fairy or leprechaun does not exist? My little granddaughter and her other grandpa were not able to prove that these entities were not there when I claimed that I could see them (at different times) in a particular clump of shrubs.

Proof is what we need. Faith cannot disprove belief. An agnostic tentative acceptance may, if based (perhaps) on probability (as well as mythology from probable, advanced civilisations from our past) enable further investigation of matters pertinent.

There seems to be a lot of scientific research on the aether. It is, however, easier to believe in an improbable Big Bang cosmogony than in the aether. A cynic may enjoy the thought that an all-enveloping aether which is also within all of us is being rejected as not having been proven.

Assuming (why not?) that the aether is real, why should not souls (as we conceive them) bubble up from it; sort of self-create? It is difficult to imagine; like bubbles forming within a thin cloud. Some of the bubbles may settle back into the Void from which they arose. A few may be projected to slide, through a multitude of progressive steps, into human babies. There would be no point in a soul attaching itself to a zygote, or to some un-differentiated clump of cells, is there?

New souls have a task ahead of them; they thereby need viable babies. However, power-hungry theologians may claim otherwise; or that their God ordained this or that! But to what positive end in relation to understanding the place of humanity in the Cosmos?

Way back in time, some Hindu thinkers (or their extraterrestrial teachers) came up with an aether-like Brahman; and held that Brahman is Consciousness, the ocean from which we humans arose. An extensive cosmology followed. This also placed mankind in the Cosmos. Like it or not, this cosmology is mighty impressive.

The mystery of soul-creation over-rides anthropomorphic theology. Regrettably, Man’s ego stands in the way of cosmic understanding. But the Ocean of Consciousness will, I suspect, bubble on for ever and ever.