Heavenly intervention is possible

My belief in :

  • An insubstantial, formless, ever-existing, all-pervasive Creator (mentioned as God) of all that is, at any time;
  • Human beings arising from an Ocean of Consciousness;
  • God being that Consciousness, which thereby is all-pervasive; and
  • The Creator also being within all that has been created, including humans;

Is a construct drawn from:

  • The core (as I see it) of Hinduism, there being subsidiary versions available; and
  • Recent researches and speculations in science relating to the creation of matter from an all-pervasive, ever-existing aether. These approaches may have drawn upon probable ancient pre-Deluge civilisations (who left their stories in myth), and Hinduism’s early writings.

Just like other beliefs which sustain us, my belief cannot be proven; nor can it be disproven! Accept or reject – it will make no difference. Who knows? Who can know?

This belief of mine does not allow for any direct intervention in human affairs by the Creator God. How could intervention occur, in what appears to be an autonomous process? Yet, if God is also within each of us, could we seek to influence matters affecting us from within (eg. our health) or from the outside (eg. pestilence or a cosmic catastrophe)? Could that be effective? I suspect so!

Should we also rely on the saints, higher beings, healers, etc. in the spirit world for appropriate interventions? I do believe that there is great scope for intervention, through our subconscious minds, by the spirit world.

Thus, in my case, (a) a yogi arrived from the Himalayas to have my widowed mother send me to my exile in Australia; (b) the spirit of my favourite uncle manifested himself to my clairvoyant, after my retirement, to offer me guidance from ‘higher beings.’

Obviously, we are not alone. Cosmic intervention, when needed, seems possible. There may be meaning in human existence.