Being in touch with other worlds

A clairvoyant I came to know well demonstrated to me and to a few sensible friends of mine that he had the ability to reach the spirit realm, and to communicate with individual spirits mentally. It seemed to me that individual spirits came to him, or were sent to him, in order to offer some form of guidance to his clients.

It struck me only recently that this is precisely what shamans have always done. They reach into ‘other worlds’ to obtain insight or knowledge which could help their communities or individual petitioners. Some shamans have been reported to have gone deep underground (into a cave-like space) in order to be able to communicate, or be in tune, with whatever or whoever is reachable. The nature and content of any contact may be beyond the initiative of the shaman.

Whereas my clairvoyant had told me how he reaches a sprit in a position to offer guidance to his client, do shamans talk about the process they follow? Most probably, the path followed and the insight obtained is beyond description, beyond words! More relevantly, ‘out there,’ there may be alien beings (including ETs), or situations, or influences which may be accessible to some humans who are enabled to perceive some fraction of these (from time to time) at a below-conscious level.

As for those psychedelic experiences which are similar to one another across a number of humans, could that be explained? Is there a collective past for all mankind that one could tap into at a subconscious level under the influence of psychedelic chemicals? Or, is there a shared propensity for the human brain, when released from the straight jacket of conformity with an agreed, preferred, and established ‘normality,’ to project certain scenarios?

Could alien abduction with intrusive examinations express a universal subconscious fear of aliens? Could a reading of the Akashic Record or a sense of euphoria about beings in other worlds reflect love for all forms of life everywhere, because we seem to be all somehow linked?

Or, are these beings ‘out there’ entering human lives neutrally when given the opportunity through a weakened sense of self? That is, are we potentially shamans?