Of spiritual and past-life healing

I have subsequently spoken, at a social level, with the mediumistic clairvoyant. It is clear that he is clairvoyant. In the middle of afternoon tea, he suddenly said, “What happened to the twin girls? I can sense them.” He also told me that he now had the ability to obtain advice from all manner of spirits. How could I or anyone else refute that? In one instance a recently expired Australian medical specialist proffered advice to assist one of the MC’s clients. I consider the clairvoyant a very fortunate man, well worth knowing.

Then I met a couple of healers. I only went to ask about their approach. At their invitation to try a healing, I accepted. First, they cleared my aura of spirits which had attached themselves to it; they spoke nicely to the spirits and asked them to move on to their normal destination. Then they aligned my chakras, using a crystal. Then the lady suddenly appeared to be communing with someone; a little later, she said that she had received a picture from one of my past lives.

Now, I was not sure about all these spirits attaching themselves to auras, but I had no trouble with chakras (which are apparently vortices of energy). However, normally, past life perceptions are experienced by the clients of psychiatrists, counsellors and healers, and are used to assist the process of healing. For the healer to see a past life of a client was most unusual.

Anyway, my current healers (who did not take any money for their assistance) acted on the vision that one of them had, and my knees have not ached anymore. And I had not mentioned my knees at all. At the next session, another past life view, another treatment, and my legs stopped aching. And I had not mentioned my legs either. The next time, I asked for help with my spine – there were no past life pictures, but I was promised that a cure was in train, through the medium of ‘past masters’. But I was counselled that my spinal problem might be a karmic one.

The evidence for past life experiences comes from the psychiatrist’s couch, apparently from half a dozen practitioners covering more than twenty thousand cases. One writer even quoted a psychiatrist’s report of life between incarnations on earth. That is, these psychiatrists reported their clients’ memories under hypnosis. But I find curious that the imagery reported is uniformly of a Judeo-Christian kind. This is similar to the reports of out-of-body experiences and near-death cases.

I also find strange references to Akashic records, self-improvement programmes and such like. These seem to have originated in the US. Whence did these writers obtain their insight? From the psychic experiences of others? How reliable are these? Did these people draw upon some basic Hindu/Buddhist framework and add on the empowerment bits for today’s seekers? Or did the Egyptians and other early civilisations leave us this information? If so, where and in what form?

(Since placebos have been shown to be effective in medical treatment, the above extracts from ‘Destiny Will Out’ may be acceptable as indicating that relief from pain can be achieved in some situations through the intervention of the clairvoyant.

Such a benefit may indeed reflect an access by the clairvoyant to a spirit healer. The healer may provide a past-life picture normally unavailable to mere mortals, or simply offer relevant advice based on previous knowledge acquired on Earth. Who can deny this with certainty?

Are reports of past lives obtained under hypnosis reliable? Are writings referring to Akashic records acceptable as explaining one’s past? Yet, psychiatrists and other counsellors have demonstrated that many psychological problems brought to them by clients can be moderated or even dissipated by the clients accepting a framework of explanation offered to them. The human mind is a wondrous instrument.)