Human contacts with spirits (1)

“Come in,” said he, “I have the spirit of your uncle with me.” I did not know how to respond to that greeting. Indeed, for the next hour, I had little to say; I was totally out of my depth.

I had traveled interstate to meet a clairvoyant who had been recommended to me. Why did I want to meet a clairvoyant? To find out what clairvoyants do, and how they go about it. Why? Because I was now researching psychic phenomena, having previously – over about 3 years (early in my retirement) – read about what (a) scientists and (b) the major religions were telling us about the Cosmos and the place of mankind in it.

As an aside, I am impressed with the fact that only Hinduism offers any thoughts (including a cosmology) on this core question. I am also intrigued that eminent speculative Western cosmologists of modern times had expressed their thoughts in phraseology which resonated with the vistas and concepts provided by their distant Hindu counterparts.

In the preceding 40 years I had been sampling religion (and the major religions) through my reading, as well as e.s.p. (extra-sensory perception). As e.s.p. is not supported by the scientific method, it has little credibility in the realms of science. Having studied the scientific method during my training in psychology, I do understand its limitations. I now sought to find out how clairvoyants, psychic healers, and those who are able to read the future go about their work.

Initially, I had not expected to be involved or affected by what I hoped to learn. I have an open mind, in spite my experience in my youth in Malaya (now Malaysia and Singapore). Amidst those who one would kindly refer to as opportunists, there were a few who read the future accurately, and achieved cures as spiritual healers. But I had not heard of anyone who had been presented with a spirit, especially of a close, much-respected relative.

I had, of course, heard about an occasional kampong Malay ‘running amok,’ having seen a ‘hantu,’ a ghost. There were also reliable reports of mature Westernised non-Malay adults seeing, in recent times, the spirit of one who had died by accident on a road, and who seemingly had not left the site.

In real life, an event, however improbable or esoteric, personally experienced by a rational, even slightly sceptical adult, has to be accepted as a real experience. Such psychic experiences cannot, of course, be proven by those affected to those individuals who just know better. Neither can such an experience be disproven in any substantive sense. A simple denial would be irrelevant.

It is worthwhile examining such real experiences of contacts with the spirit realm to understand how the material sphere interacts with the ephemeral sphere. Both spheres are manifestations of a complex Cosmos.