Was Lemuria a mother-civilisation?

To avoid accepting ‘gods’ from the heavens (who must have been spacemen from somewhere) as having guided simple human cultures to technologically-developed civilisations – mainly because each side would probably find the other repulsive, as well as because of the real risk of death by introduced bacterial diseases – we need to find one or more advanced human cultures before our current civilisation.

By and large, modern mankind can claim to be technologically advanced enough (while being somewhat backward morally) to be considered civilised. However, I demur. It is the level of shared spirituality displayed, and a compassionate approach to those of mankind not as well endowed as the others, which determines whether or not our society is indeed civilised.

Returning to Mu as a possible ‘mother-civilisation,’ there have been casual references here and there about magical processes prevailing in certain pre-historic sites. This term is possibly just another way of saying ‘We know nothing about that.’ Is this also another way of saying ‘We don’t want to know, because we will not accept myth, folklore or oral history’?

As well, the word magic used in this context will no doubt turn away any scientist skilled in those disciplines attempting to decipher what seems an impenetrable distant past, who is not committed to the mystery of a Creator (or God) of the Cosmos, and the magic emanating from a deeply rooted belief in this mystery; or who denies the reality of a psychic or paranormal sphere experienced by rational humans.

If magic were not involved in all these early societies which built huge constructions using incredibly heavy and unwieldy megaliths, how were they built – and why? Was ‘magic’ associated with their use?