Cosmic justice

Justice on Earth for humans is relatively rare. People suffer injustice, without remedy, in all manner of forms, of varying intensities, all over the world.

I became deeply aware of injustice as a boy growing up in colonial times. Even today, some third-generation descendants of poor immigrants behave as if they were born to ‘lord it’ (a term I learned from Nehru) over the ‘lower orders’ (a term borrowed from the class-ridden English) in developing nations. ‘New money’ may not come with ‘manners.’

Having successfully ignored attitudes and utterances reflecting prejudice in my early years in Australia, near the end of my career, I experienced on-going discrimination; but there was little I could do to receive justice. Once, however, I was able to discourage a senior official by pointing to the sky (I do not know why I did that), saying ‘One day you will be judged.’

Recently, a neighbour cut down 3 of my trees, and fenced the land they had occupied. A policeman said that it was not a crime. A lawyer said that I could ‘take him to court.’ Privately, a court official warned about the financial cost of any recompense I might receive. The Mayor said that this is a common problem. My local member of parliament ignored my plaint. So much for my legal rights! Justice?

For a while, I enjoyed this thought: as a (future) resident of the Recycling Station, I would have my 3 (conifer) trees chase my neighbour down the street during repeated dreams by him. But my Buddhist friend dissuaded me from what should have been enjoyable.

I realise that it is not my prerogative to seek to impose justice or to judge someone’s behaviour. Since I do believe in cosmic justice, I will leave it to the Cosmos to offer appropriate lessons.

My belief is strengthened by the current plight of some of those small nations which caused hideous damage to so many people all over the world in the colonial era. Sadly, while the nations now suffer, it is the current populations which pay the price; that is not quite fair.

We do need cosmic justice – for individuals. Perhaps it operates through the reincarnation process.