The ‘secret lore’ of ancient times

In the context of continuous creation of matter in the Cosmos, La Violette, mythologist and modern scientist, goes on to say as follows:

“It is impressive that creation myths and secret lore of ancient times describe a cosmogony that finds validation in sophisticated astronomical observations secured only in the past few decades. Armed with a vast array of modern technology, ranging from space-borne gamma-ray telescopes to supercomputers and laser interferometers, our civilisation is just now arriving at a level of understanding about the physical world comparable to that of these early mythmakers.

As we review the concepts presented in these ancient metaphorical ‘texts,’ we are confronted with advanced ideas at every step, indicating that the originators of these works had an intimate understanding of how open reaction systems are able to produce ordered patterns. The ancient science portrays modern scientific concepts such as entropy, order through fluctuation, circular causality, positive feedback, critical mass, spontaneous symmetry breaking, bifurcation, matter/antimatter creation asymmetry, wave pattern self-stabilisation, stable periodic states, and sequential quantum jumps to successive steady states.

In the creation myth of Atlantis, these ancient theoreticians even present a two-dimensional diagram of a wavelike dissipative structure, something that modern scientists have discovered only with the help of sophisticated computers.”

Comment: While those of comparable erudition can cope with La Violette’s scientific claims, can there not be history encoded in myths by apparently clever people who lived long ago, and who have since disappeared? In any event, we ourselves do not seem to know very much about the universe we occupy.

If the stakeholders in the current prevailing paradigms in the relevant scientific disciplines are reluctant to consider those of La Violette’s propositions which challenge these paradigms, why expect them to accept that, not only were there advanced civilisations on Earth in earlier times, but their knowledge may have been codified in ‘myth’ when a major cosmic catastrophe threatened?

However, should there be any fences placed around any learning?