Contact with the spirit world

I came home one evening to note that, while my security screen door remained locked, the main door was ajar. Fearing that my home had been robbed again, and armed with a garden stake, I inspected the premises. What I saw was disconcerting. The only change in my home was the location of a small wall mirror.

It is about 12 inches square, and had been glued to a wall at about 4 feet high. It was now sitting on a bench about 2 feet away laterally, leaning against the same wall. With both external screen doors key-locked, and all windows unbroken and unopened … … !

A year or so later, my cleaning lady (octogenarians need such help) and I noticed a framed picture sited between the slats of a vertical window blind, 10 minutes after she had cleaned the window. The picture had been moved from an adjacent wall about 1 foot away. It had obviously been placed very carefully. I then realised, through the history of the picture, that a close friend with whom I had not had any contact for about 10 years, and who had died a little while back, was telling me where she now is.

More recently, with a normal buzzing sound, what appeared to be a beetle suddenly flew out from near the ceiling in one room, flew past me noisily, and disappeared into the corner, at ceiling height, of the room I was in. I found no evidence of the beetle. Significance? No idea!

I was introduced to the spirit world, of which I had never been aware, when I was investigating psychic phenomena. The clairvoyant I was consulting surprised me when I arrived at his door by saying ‘I have the spirit of your uncle with me. Will you accept him?’ Naturally, I was most surprised; that was not why I was there.

When the clairvoyant described the spirit, whom he could obviously see and communicate with (a privilege I was denied), I realised that he was my senior uncle. Since he had been the second-most influential man in my life, it did not surprise me when I was told that ‘higher beings’ had considered that he was the one I would ‘most likely accept’. Obviously they know that I am a sceptic. And I remain grateful for his re-intervention in my life.