Purpose in Earthly existence

Moving from the spiritual to the material, we normally live without much emphasis on what life is all about, and how we human beings fit into the universe. After all, life is for living – without much concern for ego gratification.  Yet … … as an inquisitive 8-year old, I did ask my parents how the universe came about. Their answer was: It has always existed; it has neither beginning nor end. What a surprise! How could that be, I wondered.

When I began to read about religion at 24, the only explanation I found came from Hinduism. The Hindu cosmology is complex. See Chapter 9 ‘On Religion’ in my book Musings at Death’s Door: an ancient bicultural Asian-Australian ponders about Australian society about my tentative understanding of it. Combined with Hinduism’s metaphysics, the cosmology is awesome and inspiring. (NOTE: Musings at Death’s Door has been recommended by the US Review of Books.)

I remain curious. Why do we exist? Is there some reason for the kingdom of fauna to have thrown up the human species? To what end? Of what use are we? Do we not pollute our environment and destroy that which sustains us? Then we die. Many people I know resist death, seemingly because of the alternative (as one woman said to me recently). As a metaphysical Hindu, I am not afraid to die; indeed, I am looking forward to death – but only in my Earthly form. I look forward to continuing my search in another dimension to understand the place of humankind in the universe.


Pondering the Meaning of Life

Because of the inexplicable major disasters early in my life, and a proclivity to fall into holes which were clearly not there, I began to ask myself after my retirement about the possible determinants of human life. I have concluded that we do indeed have free will, but that our actions in our past lives influence the trajectory of our current lives.

English: Tibetan endless knot Nederlands: Tibe...

English: Tibetan endless knot Nederlands: Tibetaanse Oneindige knoop (Photo credit: Wikipedia)

On the basis of my understanding of the Upanishads, the highest level of metaphysics found in any religion, I believe that the process for the transmission of the template for each current life is automatic.  The free will exercised during each life is sufficient to explain what happens. Thus, there is no need for the New Age belief that the reincarnating soul ‘chooses’ the pathway of the life to be just before birth.

However, on the basis of my significant exposures to the spirit world, I accept that the spirit world may involve itself in the working out of the template established elsewhere in time and place.  The travails of my current life lead me to offer a spiritual path for all mankind. In this, I am aided by my intuition, as well as by reliable clairvoyants, to feel that I have already been a Christian, Moslem and Jew. This inter-faith tolerance was also enhanced by having grown up in a multi-ethnic community in British Malaya, which was already on its way to becoming a tolerant multicultural nation.

This might also throw a little light on the path I have followed in my current life to be able to advocate the eventual integration of people of diverse cultures within my adopted nation into one coherent people. My ultimate hope is that we humans will accept that we were co-created, and are thereby bonded to one another. Is the concept of the Family of Man not eventually achievable?

My thoughts have been influenced by the role of a visiting yogi, which resulted in me being sent to Australia; and a most significant psychic experience during which the spirit of my senior uncle offered advice on my spiritual development, and also suggested that I could seek to ‘contribute to building a bridge’ from whence I came to where I am. It was during this experience that I was told that the spirit world had faced some difficulty in getting me to Australia; to which, my questions were: ‘Why me?’ and ‘How much influence does the spirit world have on us on Earth?’

In my writing, my repeated effort is the creation of one people out of the wide diversity of ethno-cultural origins found in the newly-created immigrant-fed nations such as Australia. My ultimate aim is the recognition by one and all that we humans, in spite of the imperatives of form and substance creating separation, will eventually return to be united in that Ocean of Consciousness from which we apparently arose.