‘You do not listen’

A committee meeting I had chaired had just concluded. A complete stranger to me walked up to us in the coffee house, and greeted one of us. I pulled up a chair and waved her to it.

After she had been introduced to the rest of us and had a bit of a chat, she addressed the British migrant present thus: ‘You were called to Australia because, in a past life, your father was an Aborigine.’ This was in response to the other’s comment that she felt that she had to come to Australia.

For no reason that I can think of, I said, perhaps to fill the silence which followed this exchange, ‘Nobody talks to me.’ That was it! The stranger turned to me and said ‘You don’t listen.’ She said it about 4 times, with her voice rising each time. When I displayed my shock, she said, ‘Your spirit guide says that you do not listen,’ and looked up past my shoulder. ‘Can you see him?’ ‘Yes.’ ‘Describe him.’ She did. Her description matched the picture of a guru a cousin had sent me a few years back. If he is my spirit guide, I am indeed blessed.

I now had a serious problem. I live as a recluse in a very quiet corner of my small village, surrounded by silence most of the time. The only sounds I hear (apart from the occasional car) are from a variety of birds. They sing, chatter or squawk. One of the birds seems to have a sore throat. The background to these sporadic episodes is the sound of the sea – from a burble to a roar – a kilometre away down a slope. How could I not listen to my guide, who is obviously concerned? I suspect that that meeting had been well staged by him, as that stranger is apparently known as a casual clairvoyant.

Listen to your subconscious, especially in your sleep, advised this clairvoyant to me later. I now do. Some of my dreams, symbolic in presentation, have represented good insight and implicit advice or warning on matters relevant.

Is there a lesson here? If all of us listened to our subconscious, would there occur the mayhem in international relations, and in family relations, both of which have terrible consequences?