Unbelievable psychic healing

The reports below about psychic healing are incredible. They are extracts from ‘Think of an elephant’ by Paul Bailey (p.233).

• “Many people claim psychic powers, and some of these are undoubtedly charlatans. However, others exhibit unusual and inexplicable capacities that in some cases allow them to heal. The renowned Brazilian healer Joao Teixeira da Faria, a trance medium, is purported to channel 33 different spirits who were surgeons, doctors and psychologists. On occasions he has treated 3,000 patients in one day. … he never uses anaesthetic or antibiotics, and there is negligible bleeding and post-operative infection. … … “

• “Many alternative healers say they can feel the energy and health of a person when they touch. … In skilled hands, psychic touch is an important diagnostic tool. … … And another Brazilian faith healer, Arigo, famously practised surgery with a rusty knife – the wounds were real and … no anaesthetic or antiseptic was used. What little bleeding occurred was stopped with a wave of the hand, and not one case of post-operative infection was ever reported or detected.”

I have read of a thumbnail healer in Argentina who, after opening up a patient, watched a steady stream of fiery ants crawl out of the body, and march (in single file) out of the door! Yet another healer reportedly produced out of the body of his patient a noodle!! Two showmen, one of whom had a sense of humour?