The dispersal of the Lemurians

Accepting Nan Madol as a high-tech artefact with economic purpose – that is, protecting massive tiered and terraced rice fields in Luzon by electrically preventing the growth of tropical storms into highly destructive typhoons over the Philippines – should establish the reality of the intruders into the Pacific of an advanced culture from regions unknown, the Lemurians.

I am curious – why has not modern Man, with all his technology, not tested this approach? It would seem that some modern scientists have indicated that it can be done.

What other evidence is there of the probable existence of the Lemurian civilisation? An open mind can willingly receive information or even suggestions (perhaps in the shape of long-held folklore) about the possibility – even the relative probability – of certain events in the hitherto impenetrable distant past. Since all human knowledge is normally incrementally gained over time, the speculative formulation of a theory of what might have been – even if not testable or confirmable undeniably – may be an indicative path to a more accurate knowledge.

Indeed, is there any such thing as an undeniable process in a universe whose alleged core is built from uni-dimensional vibrating, folded ‘strings,’ and subject to the Law of Indeterminacy?

In the event, 2 things might be examined. First, to see whether technologically and spiritually advanced foreigners had entered the lands skirting the Pacific, as well as known settlements on the islands of the Pacific, over the extended period of time ending at about 3,700 years ago (when Lemuria is said to have been finally lost to a gradually rising sea). Second, we need to see whether what was introduced as cultural, technological or spiritual improvements to the simple societies then existing in and surrounding the Pacific were similar, if not identical. Would this not be a reasonable approach?

What does one look for to indicate a common source of an advanced non-threatening people who were obviously human, but who might have been different in skin colour, build, and social organisation?