Some known unknowns

How did the universe we live in come about? It has always been (here), say some. No, it all began with a bang, say others. Now, there are yet others who assert that continuous creation is a better explanation of what is. How then did this process come about? So, we are now back to ‘It was always thus’? If so, will it remain the mystery it has always been?

I love moving water. I want to know where the water on Earth came from. Could a coalescing ball of dust and gas contain water as well? If so, how did it get there? Does anyone know? I also love the beauty of the sea, while it terrifies me with its uncontrollable power; on some occasions it roars for days. Where did the salt (sodium chloride) in seawater come from? Surely not from the rocks through which rivers might run! Why and how is it also (so I have read) the same solution in my body?

Most importantly, where did DNA come from? The late Zecharia Sitchin claims an extraterrestrial origin in his book “There were giants upon the Earth: gods, demigods, and human ancestry – the evidence of alien DNA.” His reference to giants is reflected in the Holy Bible. Were there giants on Earth? Were there then spacemen here? And did they create ‘the Adam’ (see the Bible and Sitchin), not Adam? If so, is our genetic material inherited (at least in part) from an alien source? What then did happen to the Biblical giants? Questions, unanswered questions, galore!

How is it that we are so advanced technologically that we remain unable to explain so much of our human background?