Could any terrain contain evil influences? – Part 1

As ridiculous as this question may appear, are there not intimations that certain suspected influences (even emanations) are associated with (or arise from) certain places? Or, when the terrain offers a certain confluence of features such as water flows, winds (even flows of cosmic radiation?), and natural structures like mountains, could there be beneficial outcomes?

Take the example of Feng Shui (apparently pronounced foong shway). It is said to relate to the harmonising and balancing of Qi (pronounced Chi), the life-force energy. Ignoring the trivialising efforts of home decorators, historically, Chinese philosophers have stressed the importance of siting important buildings according to the principles of Feng Shui.

A fundamental principle is Yin/Yang, which reflects the need for balance in circumstances of continued change – which is what the physical Cosmos and human life is all about. It is said that ‘Qi rides the wind and scatters, but is retained when encountering water.’ This should then include all manner of electromagnetic and other radiations in the heavens and which flow over and through everything and everyone on Earth.

Radiation from the sun and all manner of cosmic bodies (including the odd exploded supernova) flows through us and our surroundings, allegedly without being felt or noted, while probably impacting and altering everything in its way. Random genetic mutation, periodic depression, and a whole raft of incidents and events may be caused by that silent and swift radiation.

Feng Shui offers positive benefits through the appropriate location of buildings ‘bound by mountains and near water,’ pulling together the invisible forces ‘which bind the universe, Earth, and humanity together.’

Yet, no evil influences seem to be associated with it.