More of what actually happened

Widespread historical cultural and tribal memories (so-called folk myths) refer to other impacts of the cosmic catastrophe of about 13,000 to 11,500 years ago. (Refer to my previous post)

• “That Phaeton caused major changes to world topography is mentioned by many nations. Samoan Islanders: ‘… the land sank into the sea … The new earth arose out of the womb of the last earth.’ A Tahitian tradition: ‘… overturned the world into the sea …’ A pre-Columbian Maya script: ‘… ten countries were torn asunder and scattered … they sank with their 64,000,000 inhabitants 8060 years before the writing of this book.’ “ (What horror!)

• “The Mixtecs of Mexico speak of a now-vanished land to the east of the present Atlantic coast.” (This may have been the Atlantis that Plato wrote about.) “References to what may also have been a former continent in the Indian Ocean occur in several south Asian traditions.” “One from Sri Lanka refers to ‘the citadel of Rawana.’” “Even the Selungs of the Mergui Archipelago (off southern Burma) refer to such a continent.”

• From Peru: ‘… the Andes were split apart … the sky made war on the earth.’ From Brazil: ‘… Heaven and Earth changed places.’ From the Zuni Indians (describing the aftermath of the catastrophe): ‘Earthquakes shook the world and rent it. Creatures turned fierce, becoming beasts of prey … fear was everywhere …’ ‘… mountains reeled, the plains boomed and crackled under the floods and fires, and the high hollow places (caves), hugged of men and the creatures were black and awful … presently thick rain fell, quenching the fires; and waters washed the face of the earth.’ (Could there be a more devastating and terrifying scenario?)

DARKNESS: “Many catastrophe traditions refer to the coming of unnaturally prolonged darkness. These include the memories of the Aztecs of Central America, Akawais of Canada, the Japanese, the Hawaiian, and the Dusun people of Borneo.” (Among others)

HAIL AND FIRE: “Several traditions associate great falls of hail, ice, fire, dust, and other substances with the aforementioned calamities, and clearly accord their celestial origins.”

ICE-BOUND: “… the formation of widespread ice was indicated in the Old Testament. More interestingly, the Norse sagas provide further detail of the onset of such conditions …” (There are several more sources available)

Reports such as these, as recounted in Allan & Delair’s ‘Cataclysm’ are beyond the normal operative processes of the scientific method. Yet, scientific researchers are producing confounding information which seem to be taking us away from the standard model of reality. Why then should we, within this standard model, deny a coherent remembered scenario of utter devastation throughout the globe in the recent past?

So-called myth and science have to work in tandem on putting together an accurate historical past, since the past infiltrates the present, and thus shapes the future. Is there a message here that we might look beyond the materialistic domain to identify the significance of existence?