Stepping outside one’s normal understanding

Most of us live within two domains; and we are presumably happy with that. The domains are: the physical and the mental. Mostly, we are busy doing (something or other). Sometimes, perhaps only if necessary, we think. We might even think about what we need to do – but perhaps not yet! That is because a partial life of being, instead of doing, is innately satisfying (remember Laozi).

Then the spirit world can enter one’s stage (of life). Inescapably, one’s frame of reference (from the second domain – thinking) has to come to terms with the implications of this third domain of one’s existence.

A significant implication that I came to realise relatively recently is that my memory must reside in my soul. My soul is of course me, irrespective of the body I occupy from Earthly life to Earthly life. How else could the manifesting spirit of my uncle display his possession of his memories of events which had occurred during his time on Earth?

That is to say that soul and spirit are the same. Thus, the insubstantial spirit of my uncle who appeared to my clairvoyant – but was not visible to me – was indeed the soul of my uncle.

Then there is the Hindu belief that memory is only an instrument of Consciousness. In the event, the human soul is linked to, or reflects, Consciousness.

Does not this connection then give credence to another Hindu belief – that we (our souls) have arisen from that Ocean of Consciousness – which pervades all existence?

In submitting this new understanding of mine, I state clearly that I am not challenging anyone’s right to believe whatever they will. After all, modern scientists are beginning to realise that reality is not only multi-layered, but also unfathomable because of the proven limitations of our ability to perceive what might be!