Were cultural changes aided by cosmic radiation?

“Spurred by genetic mutations that produced a burst of creativity and technological resourcefulness, humans became more skilled predators.”

“ … a benign climate … fostered the invention of agriculture …”

“ … increasing populations led more people to live together in villages and towns … fuelled an almost constant technological boom in many fields, producing … pottery making, metal working, and writing “

The above are excerpts from ‘The Cycle of Cosmic Catastrophes’ by Firestone, West and Warwick-Smith. More below.

“The era around 40,000 years ago was a period of major change in the evolution of mankind. Neanderthals began to decline, and Cro-Magnon people mysteriously evolved into modern humans.”

“Major changes in species, including humans, occur through mutations … One example that appears to bear this out is the evolution of blood types … Our early ancestors had only type O blood.”

“Evans and his team point out that, at the time of the mutation, art, music, and advanced tool making suddenly appeared to flourish …” “That brilliant burst of radiation silently arranged humankind’s DNA and unleashed a burst of brilliant cultural activity …”

Yet, the authors conclude that “Our current species extinction, overpopulation, and environmental degradation were in fact kicked off 41,000 years ago … and they continue today …”

In the light of our almost universal cultural degradation, has the Sixth Extinction already begun?