Can there be other universes?

Isn’t our universe supposed to be infinite in size? Confusingly, there is now some discussion between scientists about other universes existing. If so, where would they fit? Thus, when it is suggested that something referred to as the Cosmos is a multiverse entity (ie. with some or many universes), would our ‘infinite’ universe be like a balloon surrounded by other balloons? So much for infinity!

I sometimes wonder if some modern scientists are recycled (reincarnated) ancient Hindus. They spoke about the possibility of many dimensions in the Cosmos – not in the sense that there may be fairies at the bottom of the garden or hobgoblins under one’s bed – but in a more speculatively realistic sense of probabilities about a multi-universe reality.

I do hope that reports about the probability of other universes (whether or not with Earth-worm holes) are not like the media reports during the Gulf War. That was when white and brown Christians went to save some Muslims from other Muslims, all brown. Our media told us then about American smart-bombs which would find their way through doors and windows in Iraq (these must have been open at all times) to seek our flesh exuding heat. I wonder how many goats and camels were incinerated in this debacle for democracy.

Five years later, US media reportedly admitted that the so-called smart-bomb was a myth, reflecting propaganda. What drives speculation now from our inadequately known universe to an unknowable multiverse Cosmos?