Could stones carry memories of the past?

In the third phase of my retirement reading, I investigated parapsychology, e.s.p., psychic phenomena; generally, the paranormal. The first phase was to review what the major religions had to say about the Cosmos and the place of mankind in it; I had been dabbling (dipping) into religion, initially as an offshoot of my studies in psychology, since age 24.

During the second phase, I had been pleasantly surprised to find that the leading speculative cosmologists of recent times had used phraseology clearly comparable to the language of Hinduism.  Could they have been influenced by the wisdom or commentaries of the ancient Hindus? There is a confluence of perceptions, explanations in their intent.

The third phase took me past the New Age theorists. They seemed to have borrowed from Hinduism to propagandise a Western view that, instead of autonomous processes, we humans decide our future – with the participation and direction of guides in the Afterlife. Descriptions of what happens in the Afterlife and what it looks like had been published. Was N.Krishnamurthy correct when he said “Those who tell cannot know,” in relation to that cosmic knowledge which is beyond words? And beyond any memory of the Afterlife?

Apart from some in-depth reading about the most recent conclusions about the paranormal, I met recommended clairvoyants, both professional and casual, users of crystals to drive spirits who had attached themselves to auras of the living, faith healers, and a Tarot reader whose sudden unrelated visions were persuasive. Then there was the biologist who wrote about his paranormal experiences while observing some simpler lifestyles in the Pacific.

Somewhere in the wealth of my reading, there was a story about a person picking an attractive stone by the track on some hillside in a remote place. I have forgotten the details; but they are not relevant. The finder thought the stone interesting, and passed it to her companion.

Here is where the incredible occurs. Looking at the stone, this person had a vision. The stone was part of a building, which was part of a settlement, and which had disappeared. She could see all this in her mind’s eye. Did the stone contain memories of its past?

I have found no other writings or stories suggesting that stones or other natural substances retain memories of their surroundings. That is not to say that it cannot happen. The human ‘third eye’ has also been credited with an ability to ‘see’ things, events, etc. beyond the normal. But surely there has to be something to perceive.

My thought is that some of us, when in the presence of an object from a past life, are enabled to glimpse some part of that life in which that object had a connection; and that this enablement is provided by the individual’s soul. That is, what we are able to perceive is a soul memory. Is this plausible?

This makes sense to me through my experiences. I kept seeing, during my efforts to perceive any past life through auto-hypnosis, a certain scene. Always that scene. Allied to that is a persistent etheric intimation throughout my life of a recent past life fitting that scene. To cap it all, my casual clairvoyant recently said (out of the blue) that she could see me as I had once been. It all fitted together!

As said by Sgt. Schulz in ‘Hogan’s Heroes’ (a TV film my children and I enjoyed together), “I know nothing, I see nothing, … … … “