Seeking a glimpse into the ‘Afterlife’

An octogenarian man is, by definition, past his statistical ‘use-by’ date. A similar statement could not be made about women, as they live about 6 years longer.

This article is about an octogenarian male Seeker’s understandable aim to obtain a glimpse of where he may be going soon. Of course, it is possible that those who believe firmly that there is nothing beyond Earthly life will find it to be so. Those who believe or know that they will, after their death, reside peacefully or with joy in what they consider to be their promised Heaven may be correct – for them.

Naturally, there will be others (a very considerable number) who believe (because of their religious faith) in a continuity of existence through repeated reincarnation. Thus, Earthly life would be followed by a life of some sort on the ‘Other Side’ (that is, in another dimension), which will involve a return to Earthly life. In this essentially Asian belief-system, the entity which has this experience is the human soul.

Each soul is thus said to be given the opportunity to be improved further during each Earthly life, until being permitted to find a permanent home. To the metaphysical Hindu, this home is the Ocean of Consciousness, from which all human souls are said to have originated.

This Seeker (of knowledge) speculated that souls, being insubstantial entities, would not need a place of residence between Earthly lives which is of substance. But he was disabused of this view by the discouraging words of a clairvoyant he respects: ‘Do not be in a hurry to get to the Other Side. It will not be very different from here. And do not expect to meet God there. But you will have great opportunity for continuing your learning.’

His private reaction to that was: scope for learning – good; no God – no problem; not different from here – how so? He then visualised insubstantial soul entities or spirits ‘living’ on a material plane or dimension which could, tangentially, be ‘here’ as well. That would allow ready access by the inhabitants of the spirit world to those of interest still on Earth.

Since those who had manifested themselves on Earth are always clothed in the manner they had been on Earth, would this be how they present themselves to one another in that temporary home or Way Station in the Afterlife? And communicating with both fellow spirits and humans without needing a brain?

If so, those scientists who claim that the human mind represents no more than the operation of the brain, or that consciousness does not (or could not) exist when the human brain is dead, are dead wrong. In any event, on what evidence did they reach such conclusions? Did they follow the rules of the scientific method?

The spirit who had arrived on Earth to offer advice to his favourite nephew had ‘spoken’ to the latter’s clairvoyant and presented himself exactly in the way any Earthly human would do. So informed the intermediary in this conversation, the clairvoyant.

Although there many books written by claimed cognoscenti, there does not seem available any reliable report offered by a recently incarnated individual about life in the Afterlife. Reports obtained under hypnosis are regrettably unreliable because of the human brain’s proven incredible capacity to create scenarios independent of the mind. This Seeker can vouch for his brain’s capacity to operate independently.

However, it is not necessary – only interesting – to know any details about the Afterlife, or about any specifics relating to life between Earthly lives. After all, at its core, life is meant for learning, is it not? Having fun in the process is surely not disallowed.

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