Humanity arising from the Ocean of Consciousness

Even an atheist has to deal with this difficult question: are humans like the insects which live for a very short time, while signifying no meaning in their existence? Or, as someone once asked, are we just vermin, who multiply prodigiously while destroying our habitat?

Or, is there some meaning in Earthly human existence? Could we also exist without an origin of the Cosmos; that is, denying the concept of a First Cause?

Those who deny, as a possibility, the existence of an insubstantial, formless, impersonal, causative influence, may yet need to consider that humans may originally have popped up, like bubbles from the foam of the ocean we observe. If so, is this ocean the Ocean of Consciousness?  In the event, each of us may, implicitly, inferentially, subsequently return to that inexplicable source, that Ocean.

Could this ephemeral source be termed, for want of a better name, the Creator? Could God then be an appropriate pseudonym?

If the physical realm that we know is a projection from an ephemeral reality; and were Maya to represent an impenetrable veil between the observer and the observed; how could we discover our origins, our nature, and the meaning of our existence (if there is one)?

Since brief finite Earthly human lives make no sense whatsoever, the continuity of existence requires a soul, which will travel though time in a wide range of human bodies. Would the soul then need to recognise its origin (and expected return); that is, to be cognisant of its Creator?

Judging by the reports of many a wise person (old souls?), complemented by the influence of higher beings in the spirit world, that is what an innate reaching for the Divine is all about! In all the major religions, there have been those manifesting this great dreaming.