A new parent’s experience with school. Part 4

My School Board represented a closely-bonded team, especially as the 2 Deputy Principals had known our children over the years. Hence, after the closure of one of our monthly meetings, it was not surprising that the Principal and the Deputy who had survived the ‘My Dad said …’ experiences, told us that they had something interesting to convey to us.

That day, the Deputy had received a deputation of one, who had presented a petition also signed by another 2, protesting that their teacher was ‘picking upon’ another one of them during class. Justice had reared its head. What was amusing to the teachers was that the leader was the son of the Chairman, and a second signatory was the daughter of the accountant member of the Board! Obviously, the petition was not a matter for the Board. But, as I said with a smile as I left, ‘If anything happens to these kids, it will be over my dead body.’ They were only 12 years old. They had guts. This event proved that parents and students now had a right to be heard. That’s progress.

That evening, the daughter of the accountant admitted to her parents that she been frightened when she signed. So she signed ‘real small.’ On the other hand, the ringleader had been sighted on his way to the Deputy’s office looking quite chirpy. Some might deduce that he is a fine ‘chip off the old block.’

The next year, the new principal made it clear that she did not support the idea of parents involving themselves in her bailiwick. Hence the delay in accepting the parents’ proposal to teach our children about religion (an idea already accepted by our Schools Authority).  Ironically, this Principal and my family attended the same church. Lesson no. 8 for me – religion may not bring adherents together, except in prayer.