Destiny, not God, defines life events

There would be millions of sad stories – truly sad stories – arising from life experiences. One of the worst which comes to mind is the death – perhaps a sudden death – of one’s child, especially a baby.

A very sad story is about a friend whose doctor had said, ‘Months, not years’ in terms of her probable life expectancy after diagnosing cancer. Instead, the patient lived and suffered for years. However, at the onset of her problem, she had ignored all advice about pain control and investigating what was wrong with her body. Near the end of her life, she said to the rector of her church ‘I had expected God to cure me’!

Why blame God for the exigencies of life? By all means, pray for assistance; prayer will provide mental or psychic support. In any case, can an intervening kindly God affect what had been laid down as one’s life-path? Is not the future all laid out – to be read by some gifted clairvoyant or yogi?

A yogi foretold the destruction of my material life-chances, and the associated hardship. I was thereby prepared, even when the wheels of my life fell off from time to time or when I frequently fell into holes which were not there – refer my book ‘The Dance of Destiny’ on Amazon Kindle. Twelve years before the event, a clairvoyant said he could see me addressing some young people; unbelievably, I was a guest lecturer at a university on my early cultural shocks in Australia.

Sensibly seeking meaning (and the lessons which might be available therefrom) in life’s events, could one not observe intuitively some logic underpinning the more significant events? If a personal destiny, operating within a nested framework of destinies (from individual, to social, to national, to global), rather than God, is responsible for what eventuates in life, is there also a possible role for the spirit world?

I have undeniable reason to believe so!