The Seekers and the Seers

Many are we who seek to know, perhaps to understand.  We are of all ages. Obviously some of us are more advanced spiritually. Is it surprising that they ask pertinent question, express mature thoughts and insights, have no interest in wealth or power, and live a co-operative life, right from an early age? Eventually, they must surely get to that state which is their destiny. Yet, it is the journey, not the destination, which matters to us Seekers.

What of the Seers? How define them? I see them as gifted in order to make a certain contribution to fellow humans. Do they have to be successful Seekers to become Seers? Apparently not – but that is my subjective view, based only on casual observation. Those intermediaries who are genuine in the practice of their vocation are most useful to us Seekers.

For example, a woman who described herself as a spiritual healer (with guidance from the spirit world) suddenly became still and quiet, while seemingly listening – in the middle of morning tea – and then said to me ‘You should do something with your name. That’s what I have been told.’ Some months later, the clairvoyant conversing with the spirit of my uncle said ‘It is suggested that you can seek to contribute to building a bridge from whence you came to where you now are.’ It took me 2 years to realise that I do have the knowledge and experience to attempt what was suggested.

Eventually, I wrote Destiny Will Out: the experiences of a multicultural Malayan in White Australia under my birth name Arasa. The reviews which followed were splendid. The book will be available soon in ebook form (at $US 2.99) from Amazon Kindle Direct. This was the first of my 3 books on migrant settlement and associated matters (viz. ethnic affairs & multiculturalism, citizenship & national identity, refugee & humanitarian entry, and migrant settlement assistance), all based on personal experience. Underpinning these books is my hope for unity arising from ethnic diversity.