Any evidence of advanced cultures in pre-history?

“Over the past two centuries, researchers have found bones and artefacts showing that people like ourselves existed on Earth millions of years ago. But the scientific establishment has suppressed, ignored or forgotten these remarkable facts. Why? Because they contradict the now predominant view of humans origins, which holds that humans like ourselves evolved within the past 100,000 years from more apelike ancestors.”

So say the publishers of a book ‘The Hidden History of the Human Race” by Cremo and Thompson. What comes to my mind is that child who will not look under his bed in case he finds the hobgoblin that he suspects has set up home there.

In a wide-ranging book, the authors have described ‘Evidence for advanced culture in distant ages,’ which include ‘only a sample of the published material available’ to them. The authors also say that ‘some of the objects described do give hints of unexpected accomplishments’; and that the ‘reports of this extraordinary evidence emanate, with some exceptions, from non-scientific sources.’

Here are some of the finds:

• Coins, handles or hammers, and other tools or fragments of tools, and a broken board used by masons and quarrymen, at a depth of 40 to 50 feet.
• A marble block with letter-like shapes cut into it, at 50 to 60 feet below.
• A nail firmly embedded in a block of sandstone – about 360 to 408 million years old.
• Gold thread embedded in stone (about 320 to 360 million years old) at a depth of 8 feet.
• A metallic vase, in 2 parts, with chasing, carving, and inlaying in silver, of flowers, at a depth of 15 feet.
• A round ‘chalk ball,’ 246 feet below the surface. If humans made the ball, it would be 45 to 35 million years ago.
• A coin-like object, of uniform thickness, at 125 feet below the surface.
• A large copper ring (or ferrule), an iron spear-shaped hatchet, and stone pipes and pottery, from 50 to 120 feet below the surface.
• A clay image of a female figure, from a 300-foot well, about 2 million years ago.
• A small gold chain, 10 inches long, 8-carat gold, of ‘antique and quaint workmanship.’

And so on. Read Chapter 6 of the book. Then there are the anomalous skeletal remains.

Perhaps it is wiser not to look under one’s bed!