Does the spirit world keep track of us?

When our loved ones die, in the culture of my extended family, we cremate the bodies. This is preceded by a lengthy religious ritual. We, the living ones, are left with terrible sadness and, perhaps, some regret; for, a sin of omission can be more painful than any sin of commission. However, I have never had anyone talk of the spirit world. But then, is it not probable that our loved ones and certain higher beings in the spirit world do keep track of us, even to the extent of encouraging us subliminally to carry out our cosmic responsibilities?

About 30 years ago, I came to realise that, while I keep paddling my sampan on my personal river of destiny as best as I can, I seem to be on a trajectory that has been set for me. It does not matter who or what did the setting. Thus, my first 3 books reflect the suggestion left with me at my meeting with the spirit of my uncle. The positive responses to my writing clearly indicate the value of my contact with the spirit world.

I have since been told that I have a spirit guide. How did this happen? A woman I had just met told me in no uncertain terms that my guide was complaining that I was not listening to him! I, however, did not know that I had this valuable guide. She could see him, and described his appearance. I wondered – had that casual meeting been set up, as this woman is known (as I subsequently found out) as a casual clairvoyant, who has sudden visions?

It is now clear to me that, while I may be a loner, I am not alone. I am indeed grateful.