My Feelings about the Spirit World

Learning is there for those who want it. But, there are some learned fools about. Therefore I sought understanding – which is deeper, wider, and probably intuitive. Taking all my significant experiences (especially my travails) into account, I feel that there is a template at work.

Being a metaphysical, non-ritualistic Hindu, based upon my belief that I had traversed many lifetimes on Earth, I formed the opinion that the template I had intuited is a personal destiny; and that this reflected the culmination of my exercise of free will over quite a number of lifetimes.

While I believed that this is an automatic mechanism, offering opportunities for my soul to improve itself morally, the spirit world introduced itself to me. I suddenly learnt that higher beings had experienced some difficulty in getting me to Australia. My irreverent reaction was whether I was to improve the colour of the population all by myself.

So, does this realm influence human lives? Apparently so. Is this only to ensure that I continue to paddle on my river of destiny with benefit? Not quite!

Since I began to write in response to spiritual advice, I conclude that my understanding of certain relevant societal matters was acquired so that I could transmit them, allowing the Cosmos to decide where they go. I do believe that I am but one of a myriad of such transmitters.