Could water carry memories of the past?

Where did the salt in the sea come from? The usual explanation is that rain and river erode rocks, washing out sodium chloride. Not convincing! Perhaps the salt arises from the bowel of Earth.

The issue now is whether water can carry memories of the past, as is being claimed by certain scientific researchers. As a river takes water from its origin to its destination, is it accumulating memories of its journey? In that case, does rain bring memories from any extraterrestrial source, eg. a comet? An interesting thought!

An early case for memory in water comes from homeopathy. Even at a great dilution, the curative properties of the fluid intended to treat an ill person are not reportedly destroyed. There will, of course, be dissenters challenging age-old medical practices as not proven or ineffective.

Now, we have claims that, under specified circumstances, water can store and transmit information. The information referred to in the case which came to my notice was DNA. Obtaining that information requires highly specific procedures. That seems reasonable. One cannot have information thrown about freely.

Since homeopathy needs the water in the curative solution to be able to encode, preserve and transmit information, is the concept of water memory too outlandish? Extremely low frequency electromagnetic waves may be involved in the transmission of information. It needs extraordinary minds thinking ‘outside the box’ to research such relationships.

Could similar research have implications for understanding how an insubstantial, ethereal soul could communicate with the mind of the human being currently providing the most recent abode for that soul?

I have a ‘gut’ feeling that this may happen occasionally. I once had a ‘gut’ feeling that led to the discovery of a pre-cancerous polyp in my bowel.

More importantly, how does an insubstantial, ethereal spirit in the Afterlife preserve memories of significant events in previous Earthly lives, to be able to transmit those to a human being currently on Earth?

The core issue is how memories are transferred.


Were there ‘black’ people all over the globe historically?

When I read that the first emperor of China, Chin (Qin) Shi Huang Di (Di identifying him as emperor) had been black, I began to wonder whether the word black meant coloured; and that coloured might have covered all shades of brown (to black). The theory that modern Man had ‘come out’ of Africa may have led to the erroneous belief that, as African, he had to be black in colour.

In New Zealand, I discovered what seems to be officially accepted – that the Maori people had originated in Taiwan. That sounded improbable until I read more recently that there had been a tribe of ‘black’ people in Taiwan. I can only assume that these people were also brown in colour, judging by the skin colour of the Maori people, and their Polynesian neighbours. These peoples may have been escapees from the drowning Sundaland.

The infusion of European genes into ‘black’ Africa and ‘brown’ India has not altered the colour of the resident populations to any substantive extent. Moving into and out of freezing terrain in northern Europe, caused by the so-called ice ages expanding and retreating, has apparently not altered the skin colour of the affected populations.

I have also read that there have been ‘black’ communities in southern China. They had to be brown, not black as in negroid – unless an ancient negroid population (the Olmec?) had somehow spread itself all over the globe. If so, they would have to have been extraterrestrials, or transported by  extraterrestrials.

Sensibly, one would have to conclude that brown (in a variety of shades) was the original colour of mankind; and that the precursor of white people was a natural genetic mutation which, over thousands of years, led to whitish people (with blue eyes). A significant blast of cosmic radiation, about 40,000 years ago, along the surrounds of the Tropic of Cancer would, more credibly, explain the skin-whitening of the affected people.

Since great artistic ability, displayed in cave paintings and on decorated stones, had apparently arisen about 40,000 years ago, a vast cosmic radiation cannot be ruled out as a skin-colour changer. Beauty can flower from the ashes of death. The original colour of mankind, according to yet another report, was described as honey to milk coffee.

How then did the black people arise? Indeed, couldn’t some extraterrestrials have been jet black, since the sun cannot make brown jet black, any more than a lack of sunlight can turn brown skin to white?










Being in touch with other worlds

A clairvoyant I came to know well demonstrated to me and to a few sensible friends of mine that he had the ability to reach the spirit realm, and to communicate with individual spirits mentally. It seemed to me that individual spirits came to him, or were sent to him, in order to offer some form of guidance to his clients.

It struck me only recently that this is precisely what shamans have always done. They reach into ‘other worlds’ to obtain insight or knowledge which could help their communities or individual petitioners. Some shamans have been reported to have gone deep underground (into a cave-like space) in order to be able to communicate, or be in tune, with whatever or whoever is reachable. The nature and content of any contact may be beyond the initiative of the shaman.

Whereas my clairvoyant had told me how he reaches a sprit in a position to offer guidance to his client, do shamans talk about the process they follow? Most probably, the path followed and the insight obtained is beyond description, beyond words! More relevantly, ‘out there,’ there may be alien beings (including ETs), or situations, or influences which may be accessible to some humans who are enabled to perceive some fraction of these (from time to time) at a below-conscious level.

As for those psychedelic experiences which are similar to one another across a number of humans, could that be explained? Is there a collective past for all mankind that one could tap into at a subconscious level under the influence of psychedelic chemicals? Or, is there a shared propensity for the human brain, when released from the straight jacket of conformity with an agreed, preferred, and established ‘normality,’ to project certain scenarios?

Could alien abduction with intrusive examinations express a universal subconscious fear of aliens? Could a reading of the Akashic Record or a sense of euphoria about beings in other worlds reflect love for all forms of life everywhere, because we seem to be all somehow linked?

Or, are these beings ‘out there’ entering human lives neutrally when given the opportunity through a weakened sense of self? That is, are we potentially shamans?

How many dimensions of human perceptions?

Most of us would be aware of only 2 dimensions of life affecting us – the physical and the mental. Those who have experimented with, or indulged in, psychedelic chemicals have reported a third dimension – an alien dimension. The first 2 dimensions are verifiable and therefore undeniable. What of the third?

However, how could one reject the experienced perceptions of others? That is, on a logical or pragmatic basis? Beyond the mechanistic material explanatory paradigms of science, there seem to be realms of reality. Perceptions of any of these realms are unverifiable through the scientific method because, by being random and sporadic, they are not repeatable. Collectively, they are like the water flowing down a river; the river remains, while the water it carries keeps changing all the time.

Reality is multifarious. So far, I have identified 3 dimensions. A fourth is the realm of spirits – those who were previously humans on Earth. I have had an undeniable, and enriching, exposure to this dimension. My perception of reality is thus threefold. But I am fortunate in that my exposure to the spirit world was enabled by a third party, a professional clairvoyant. My experience is thus verifiable.

How are those with a claimed exposure to the alien dimension to validate their experience? Some aliens have indubitably assisted mankind in the past – refer the cosmology of Hinduism, the megaliths constructed in various parts of the world, the mysterious Nan Madol, near Ponape in Micronesia, the Olmec civilisation, etc.; and my observation back in 1949/50 of what had to be a spaceship masquerading as a wandering asteroid.

We may need to accept the alien realm as part of our reality.

Other dimensions of human perceptions

Recently, a fellow blogger wrote that, during his psychedelic experiences, he had seen, and been exposed to, what most of us would consider to be incredible to bizarre scenes and events. His statement of ‘perceptions’ include reading what has been termed the Akashic Record, and experiencing investigations by aliens of his body and mind.

In a subsequent conversation, he clarified that he had been shown parts of the Akashic Record relevant to him, by the same kind of beings who had investigated him. He was able to describe these beings.

His experience of being investigated is similar to experiences reported by some people who had reportedly been taken on board a UFO. Many claimed to have been examined, at some depth, by the ETs in the UFOs. One report claimed that his DNA had been manipulated; if practicable, this would require unimaginable expertise. The obvious question is – to what end, and for whose benefit?

Clever men like Francis Crick and Carl Sagan have reportedly also indulged in psychedelic experiences; I am not aware of the value or relevance of their visions.

Shamans all over the world are known to offer insights into other worlds. They are believed to have been aided by psychedelic drugs. It has also been suggested that the minds of successful shamans are not exactly like those of ordinary humans.

What then can one say about the dimensions of reality accessible to us?

How could Man be a privileged species?

There is a view that Earth was specially prepared for mankind. Why would what appears to be no more than a small molten-rock ball, with a permeable cover allegedly capable of being made to slide over the interior by powerful external forces, be waiting to provide a home for mankind?

Since complex organic compounds and bacteria have been found in space, could it be possible that fully-formed humans also came to Earth from ‘up there,’ as claimed in the folklore mentioned in a recent post? Or, were the arrivals from space (the ETs, extraterrestrials) advanced beings who merely ‘seeded’ (impregnated) Earthlings, thus allowing the descendants of their progeny to believe that they had ‘descended’ from ‘up there’? This then raises the question: how did these Earthlings come about?

Sumerian writings, drawn upon by the authors of the Bible and by Zachariah Sitchin, say that ETs from planet Nibiru created ‘the Adam’ (mankind) by implanting their genes into an animal species on Earth. This allegedly occurred 300,000 years ago, almost 145,000 years after their arrival – so said Sitchin.

Is there any point in asking how motile air-breathing animals initially arrived on Earth? Do we know? And how they evolved into the species allegedly manipulated by the Anunnaki? That all life forms on Earth share a gene pool, except for the 223 exceptional genes (refer Sitchin) not found in species other than Man; and that the genetic difference between chimpanzees and humans is only about 1.4 %; suggests that we did all originate on Earth.

If Earth is compatible with humans, then it is also compatible with the bacteria, the vegetation, and certain life-forms which enable us to survive.

Our morality does, however, suggest a close link with the carnivores in the animal kingdom, except that we will kill fellow humans and other animals even when we are not hungry for sustenance. Yet, our ethereal souls can uplift us to great heights, offering hope that we can repeatedly recover from each cosmic cataclysm; that is, that the human species will earn its right to live on Earth.

Universal consciousness

“I am not proposing that the human mind is able to project itself through space to communicate with some alien intelligence in another star system.

What I am saying is that there exists some kind of universal consciousness that can link together the brains of carbon-based life forms, wherever they are. It exists not in outer space, but in inner space, that is inside our heads, and can be imagined like some kind of neuropsychological Internet chat room, where we appear as ourselves, and the consciousness (or ‘spirits’) of visiting entities, both terrestrial and non-terrestrial, can interface with us either in their own natural forms, or as ‘morphians,’ shape-shifters, beings that take whatever form our minds deem acceptable for the purposes of communication.

These links occur in a co-existing higher dimension that exists beyond the space-time so familiar to us, just like the avataristic identities that users assume in an Internet virtual world, And, like the Internet, it is always available to us, its ‘activation’ or ‘online facility’ occurring via our DNA under the correct circumstances, most obviously during the psychedelic experience.

Judging by the achievements of ETI-advocating drug users such as Francis Crick and Carl Sagan, we need to understand this process, which could be important to human evolution.”

These are extracts from ‘The dark between stars’ in ‘The Cygnus mystery’ by Andrew Collins.

I present this bit of lateral thinking as worthy of thought, against the prevailing background of a collective unconscious, a universal amnesia, and such like. It is also interesting to learn that some famous scientists have had psychedelic experiences; and that such experiences may provide useful insights not otherwise accessible about how humans fit into a realm beyond the immediate.

A universal consciousness is an attractive proposition, especially as Consciousness is surfacing as a major component in explaining the Cosmos and its contents.

Have extraterrestrials (sky-beings) been on Earth?

“During the 1970s, UFOs were big news, and the likelihood of some kind of extraterrestrial contact being made was a thrilling prospect. … … (Yet) nothing so far discovered in the archaeological record argues for the intervention of alien beings in the evolution of humankind.

In Chinese mythology, some of the earliest kings of China were said to have been sons of star-gods, while the kings of ancient Sumer and Akkad (in what is now Iraq) bore a star symbol after their names indicating that they were the product of a divine union with sky-beings. … …

Then there is the work of cultural historian William Sullivan, who … highlighted the Andean belief that: ‘In this world we are exiled from our homeland in the world above … which is ‘up there,’ in the northern night sky … … Sullivan pointed out that for these indigenous peoples, ‘the souls of the living originated in the sky, where they “rest in the firmament until they become incarnated.”’… …

In the Indonesian Archipelago, several island cultures are said to be directly descended from sky-beings. The Posso-Todjo Toradja, for example, say that they are the children of Lasaco, the ‘sun-lord’, who married a Toradja woman. Eventually, ‘he returned to the sky,’ and his people departed from Pamona and founded a line of chiefs at Waibinta Luwu.

In Taiwan, the non-Chinese Tsalien people say that their ancestors came out of the moon, while the Kayan and Kenyah say that sky-beings made the first man and woman in the form of stone images. The Totemboan say that To’ar, a ‘sun lord,’ married their daughter Lintjambene, while her son Si Marendor was said to have been half sky-born and half made of stone.

These examples are given simply to demonstrate how across the world indigenous cultures have believed that their entire existence is as a result of life on Earth having been seeded from elsewhere whatever way their creation myths might have interpreted such information. Many other examples might be cited, such as those North Americans who point towards a star and say that it is their original homeland, or the African peoples, including the Dogon of Mali … who likewise claim to be descendants of sky-beings.”

These extracts are from ‘Life’s origin elsewhere’ in ‘The Cygnus mystery’ by Andrew Collins

Whether extraterrestrials came to guide or assist human societies on Earth is a different question. It seems that there has been some such intervention, even if they were not involved in our evolution.

Planetary amnesia – another myth?

When Velikovsky shattered the fragile glass bowl of uniformitarianism (that all change on, or affecting, Earth are gradual in occurrence), self-selected protectors of this bowl apparently went ballistic. Defending reigning scientific ‘theology’ is understandable; but how explain the ferocity of the personal attacks?

To recapitulate: allegedly, in the 1800s, agreement had been reached that Earth and its passengers had never been exposed to catastrophes. ‘In the case of the “Velikovsky affair,” the organised frantic defence of entrenched belief produced one of the most pathological episodes in the history of science. Had Immanuel Velikovsky penetrated the veil of “planetary amnesia”?’ (Steve Parsons in The perils of planetary amnesia in Forbidden history, edited by Douglas Kenyon.

Velikovsky, a qualified psychoanalyst, in his Mankind in Amnesia, claimed that ‘the ancient sages exhibited a frightened state of mind, haunted by a particular fear based on terrible events their ancestors had experienced when their world had been ripped apart by monstrous natural forces.  He described the means by which this deepest of collective trauma was gradually buried and forgotten over the years, but not eliminated.’ (Parsons). But had he relied on more than Jewish writings?

Like Carl Jung’s collective unconscious, a collective amnesia, affecting all mankind, for all time, is now offered to explain the behaviour of humanity. Thus, Velikovsky’s planetary amnesia is now being claimed to explain human violence. However, does our tendency to violence merely reflect our origins – part animal (refer ‘the Adam’ created by extraterrestrials, thus injecting the 223 foreign genes not found in the animal kingdom – so says Sitchin), or as a wholly terrestrial being (evolved, without external interference, from a faunal predecessor).

Parsons says that ‘Velikovsky understood our tendency to suppress trauma but also to express and repeat trauma in peculiar ways. … we barely recognise our own violence, and certainly don’t associate it with ancient roots.’ Certainly not!

How credible is all this? Should we blame our foreign genes (if Sitchin is acceptable); or our own ‘animal’ genes; or our own moral immaturity; or an unpredictable imbalance in our limbic (emotional) responses?

As for planetary amnesia, while everything in existence in the Universe is seemingly linked to everything else, and in an etheric manner; and if some of us have difficulty in overcoming personal trauma; why assume that it is an inheritable propensity? Perhaps ‘planetary amnesia’ is just another myth.

And not all myths have relevance for understanding the human psyche, while some history may be explicable through a sensible interpretation of folklore.

Culture-heroes post-Deluge

“It is surely pertinent that almost all traditions which refer to culture-heroes (virtually every one of whom was active immediately after the Deluge) describe them as white, tall, bearded and invariably superior to the aboriginal peoples among whom they appeared – often suddenly – to impart laws, crafts and useful information.

One such culture-hero, Caboy by name, allegedly brought the ancestors of the Brazilian Karaya Indians out of a ‘subterranean world’ following the Great Flood. Elsewhere, another culture-hero, using a spade-like implement, dug Amerindian Deluge survivors out of a blocked-up cavern. The hill tribes known as the Pankhoos and Bungogees, who inherit the Chittagong area of Bangladesh, preserve a similar tradition. They recall how, after the recession of the Deluge waters, ‘… their ancestors came out of a cave in the earth, under the guidance of a chief named Tlandrokpah.’

The early post-diluvian activities of this culture-bearing white race are chronicled in numerous traditions distributed globally.”

“Statements like those of the Mandan Indians, who aver that shortly after the Deluge their forefathers were visited by a mysterious bearded white culture-hero who arrived in a huge wooden ship made with ‘metal tools,’ appear as valuable if fragmentary confirmation of prehistoric technological abilities.”

“Strangely enough, there is a large corpus of evidence, both circumstantial and factual, indicating that civilised communities existed on Earth before the shocking calamity.

Many of the previously-cited traditions refer unmistakably to various antediluvian structures (for example, houses, temple, towers, canals), land vehicles (carts, chariots), aquatic vessels (rafts, canoes and arks) and implements (ploughs, bows, arrows, spades).”

The above extracts are from ‘Cataclysm’ by Allan & Delair (refer also my earlier posts).

All this is suggestive – but not conclusive – that before the Great Deluge killed almost all life, somewhere between 11,500 and 13,000 years ago, most of the capabilities and skills allegedly triggered and enabled in humanity by a sudden burst of a massive cosmic radiation about 41,000 years ago (refer my earlier posts) had eventually resulted in high civilisations all over the globe.

Is there any purpose in denying the probability of such development, having regard to the so-called myths of ancient history? Are our predecessors to be denied the right to tell their stories through folklore?