The on-going mind (Part 2)

When I was confronted with the presence of my favourite uncle in spirit form about 25 years ago, I had to accept that:

• long after his Earthly death, my uncle had materialised (through the medium of a clairvoyant) to offer me guidance on my spiritual progress
• while I could not see or hear him, the clairvoyant could describe his appearance, and to communicate with him mentally
• my uncle, most surprisingly, responded to a comment I had made to the clairvoyant. That is, he could hear what I said
• his advice to me (through the clairvoyant) indicated that he had retained his Earthly memory, and that he knew about matters pertaining to me which had occurred after his demise
• his advice concluded thus: seek to contribute to building a bridge from where you came to where you are.

It took me two years to digest this experience – for I had no knowledge that the spirit realm existed; and to realise that I was then (possibly) the only person to know (through work experience) all about the government’s policies on migrant settlement (now integration). So, I wrote 4 books based on my experience (that was my contribution to the ‘bridge’ mentioned by my uncle). Much to my surprise, I learnt that a number of senior academics now considered me an expert in this field of policy. This is just to indicate when I began to ponder about matters immaterial – like mind and memory.

What is of great import is that my uncle had displayed, without a material brain and ears, that he had retained his Earthly memories and his mind. They seem to go together. As well, what I refer to as the Afterlife (the home of spirits – former humans) clearly exists.

Then, my experience:
• when I read a clue in a crossword puzzle, my brain often pops up with an answer even before I search my memory
• when I had my heart attack, I lost my memory for quite a few faces, even those of significance. After a few years, I progressively recovered most of that memory. That suggests that I had lost the connection to the recorded memory.