The on-going mind (Part 1)

The thought that my mind and my memories are not totally located or contained within my brain is challenging. How could that be? Why do I suspect that, while (obviously) my mind and memories are based, linked, or associated with the brain, they may also have an independent existence? From my experience!

However, the mechanistic material paradigm reflected in the scientific method that we know does not enable us to explain the immaterial (or insubstantial) phenomena in the realm of the ethereal. The scientific method requires repeatability, to facilitate acceptance.

With ephemeral events or phenomena, the winks of the firefly come to mind. As well, recall what the physicists have found about particles which flit in and out of existence. Then think about dark matter and dark energy which together reportedly add up to 96% of allegedly known matter.

How much of accepted science is no more than a collection of speculative theories; and which do not enable testing through the scientific method? Space-time, expanding space, ‘black holes’, the ‘Big Bang’ theory of cosmogony, Darwin’s theory of evolution relating to new species, the ‘multiverse’ (or many universes), and more, are not ‘proven’ by observation alone. They are maths-backed speculations – so they seem to me.

Yet, so-called psychic phenomena, and alternative scenarios underlying existence, such as the aether or Consciousness, which do not fit into prevailing explanatory paradigms, are challenged or denied. Whenever I read about some expert asking “Where is the evidence?”, I wonder at the seemingly defensive posture.