To struggle on or lie down

Life, by its very nature, has its ups-and-downs (to coin a thought). The rise and fall of one’s chest, reflecting breathing; the rise and fall of waves, reflecting the push and drag of Nature’s forces; the lift of hopes and the dash of reality, reflecting the laws of chance, or even of destiny in both its personal and collective garbs; all these suggest that what goes up will come down (except possibly for the spy-satellites circumambulating over us).

When we are down (say) by ‘falling off a cliff’ when on one’s life path – whether by one’s own folly, or by chance, or by one’s personal destiny – what can then happen?

Succeeding probable scenarios are:

  • Muttering or screaming “Ah, woe is me!” “What have I done to deserve this?” Or other words to indicate the unfairness of the event.
  • Thoughts arise which accept the lack of any possible remedy or solution – in the worst of circumstances. For example, were I to find myself at the bottom of a very deep well, with no chance of even a skerrick of sunlight reaching me, while I am like a slug patrolling the perimeters of the bottom of the well; would I eventually stop – to die? Or, wait for a miracle – as I did in my youth?
  • Girding one’s loins (metaphorically), one decides to work one’s way up – to survival. This effort requires the personality of fighter.
  • A miracle does occur. Circumstances change. A pathway (perilous, of course) somehow becomes a dim possibility.
  • Survival then ensues when the Cosmos (through the spirit realm) decides to help.

Thus, when one is down, survival does depend upon a fighting spirit, plus outside assistance or guidance. Or else, lie down and wait for the next Earthly life!