What if ultimate reality is ethereal?

I suspect that my Spirit Guide is challenging me with this question. Strangely, long before I was made aware, by a casual clairvoyant, that I had a Spirit Guide,  I had felt a strangely persistent urge to have my bowel checked for cancer. A colonoscopy exposed a pre-cancerous polyp! About every 4 years, another of these polyps has been discovered. My Guide must have alerted me initially, subconsciously.

I believe that my Guide has also influenced me in a number of other ways, on a number of occasions. At a simple level, I have had to edit 2 of my posts because my computer refused to send the earlier versions!

The most significant of his guidance occurred at about 2 am one night. I suddenly became aware of being conscious but not awake! I somehow ‘knew’ this. During this awareness, I ‘felt’ that my further progress spiritually would be through developing my ‘third eye.’ While I was thinking, during this ‘not-awake’ state, as to how I could proceed, I went back to my normal deep sleep. I do admit that I do some of my writing during my sleep; my ‘dreams’ say so.

Now, I have always had a degree of intuition in my relations with others. I somehow ‘read’ them. I perceive: dishonesty (say, a lie); any concealed reluctance to provide the help I had asked for; and why some things are not said by others. As well, as I retired from my career, my last boss said to me, “You can see ahead, can’t you?” Perhaps I can, but just a little ahead.

I do not know if I am making progress in my use of my ‘third eye.’ I wish to go beyond ‘reading’ people, to understanding the reality of the relationship between the material realm and the ethereal realm. The latter is not necessarily the ‘spiritual’ realm.

Are our lives on Earth, and the physical universe as we understand it, only projections from an ephemeral domain? While the universe may be substantial, subject to Hinduism’s cosmic cycles of material existence, and non-existence, could we humans on Earth only be transient projections of substance from our true ephemeral selves? That is, is our reality elsewhere?

I already feel the call of this ethereal sphere; and to understand it. How could we humans gain access, perhaps only to a certain degree, to the ethereal realm? The 8-year old, who wanted to know where the universe came from, continues with his questioning.