Human contact with spirits (3)

The second clairvoyant I consulted in my search to understand how psychics operate was a German lady (whereas C was English). She too had been recommended to me. She impressed me initially by describing the relationships within my family accurately.

When I asked her about my future, she replied thus:

  • your marriage is over; don’t you know that? (I did not!)
  • you are planning to live overseas; but you will come back after a short visit. (No one knew that I had been considering that seriously.)
  • you will live until 82 or 83. (That was her only error. I am now 88.)
  • you will remain in your present home. (I had considered moving into a retirement village, but she sketched the front of my home, and referred to the large room in which I spend most of my day.)

That the future is available to be read was shown by clairvoyant C as well when, 12 years ahead, he had foreseen me addressing a relatively large group of young people. (I did address Australian history students about the bicultural culture shocks when Asian students entered White Australia.)

This raises a significant issue. Is a destiny path so lacking in free will? Thus, “When its time has come, the prey will go to the hunter” says the Koran. Against that concept of an unavoidable Fate is the statement by my uncle’s spirit that the spirit world had experienced difficulty in getting me to Australia. So, how many players are there determining our future?

My next recommended clairvoyant, an Anglo-Australian, was described as a healer. The healing process began with her husband, using a swinging crystal, clearing my aura of any attached spirits. She then went into a meditative mode, with her hands on me.

But it was her claim to be able to describe a couple of my past lives that was challenging. When I asserted that she could not possibly see any of my past lives, as they were with my soul, her reply was that her Spirit Healer could; and he would tell her about relevant past lives to enable her to produce a solution to any health problems of her clients. She then referred to the pain in my legs, but which I had not mentioned to anyone. The pain was dissipated after that consultation!

This healer’s approach is similar to that of a hypnotherapist who takes a patient into a past life. A trauma, say, death by arrow in the back, could then be identified as the cause of the pain in the lower back. This knowledge is expected to help remove that pain. This was the experience of a friend of mine. Could this be a matter of mind over mind, since pain is allegedly felt only in the brain?

Then, there is the casual clairvoyant, another Anglo-Aussie. The last time I saw her, she told me (quite spontaneously and out of context) that she could see me in a past life. Her description was a match for my gut feeling of what I had been in my immediate past life. At our initial meeting, which was totally accidental, she told me to listen to my Spirit Guide. She could see him over my left shoulder, as he complained that I had not been listening to him. But then, I did not know that I had a Spirit Guide! Could my Guide have arranged for this meeting to occur? I believe so.

The implications of my experiences involving the spirit realm are both complex and profound. One needs an open mind to pursue these.