A prayer poem

A Gentle Breeze

© Laurie Swartzfager

Published on September 2011

As I sit here all alone admiring the view of an early sunrise,
I tilt my head back and close my eyes.
A soft gentle breeze crosses my face.
I look around and enjoy the quietness of God’s peace and the soft gentle pace.
The trees are in full bloom, the leaves ready to fall.
God’s beauty of earth, I admire it all.
As the sun comes up and begins a new day,
I sit here quietly and begin to pray.
Dear God, I begin to say, please watch over my life and keep me safe.
Give me hope and show me faith.
Guide my path and let me know you are near.
Allow me to be strong and filled with love, for love conquers all fear.
A gentle breeze crosses my path and gives me a slight chill.
God answers and says: I am with you still.
I’ve never left you alone or threw you aside, I am in your heart, I will be your guide.
I will show you the way to master life’s difficulties and trust your heart,
For I am with you now and forever, I shall never part.
A gentle breeze I feel again, I know my prayers are answered, God has heard my plea.
He has pointed this out for me to see.
Life has many surprises each and every day. We cannot live on regrets and sorrow.
Once again I feel a gentle breeze, which means God is saying:
My child, there is a tomorrow:
The sun will shine once again, the birds will continue to sing.
Memories will last forever, and enjoy life anew today, and all that it may bring.

Source: http://www.familyfriendpoems.com/poem/a-gentle-breeze