Does my soul influence my mind?

The soul is believed to be a living entity whose existence transcends time; where time is a record of a sequence of events. The soul would be the etheric, essential core of each human being, said by Hinduism to reside within the heart of each of its embodiments on Earth; and to leave each body at death.

The mind is (in my limited experience) an integral component of a single Earthly life of a human being. After bodily death, together with the memories it had accumulated during that life, it seems to be carried into the After-life with the insubstantial spirit of the former human being, but not into the next Earthly life.

Can (or does) the soul, with its accumulated memories of multiple lifetimes (or a record of the pathway traversed) communicate with the mind of its current incarnation during the life of that embodiment?

The above concept of soul is held by, at least, the forest religions of Asia and their adherents; as well as by independent thinkers who accept that a continuity of human existence on Earth (or possibly elsewhere) is more meaningful than a single life with neither history nor future.

As for the mind, the spirit of my uncle (sent by ‘higher beings’ to guide me spiritually – refer my earlier posts) demonstrated both the ability to communicate silently with a clairvoyant (a transaction between minds), and the retention of his Earthly memory – all without a brain as we know it. As well, at re-birth, human beings do not remember their experiences and memories of the preceding Earthly existence.

A few children who remember (up to age 6 or thereabouts) some aspects of a previous life are exceptions – which also validate the reincarnation process.

To add further depth to the concept of mind, Hinduism advises that the human mind is only an instrument of Consciousness; and that Consciousness is the source of all that is in the Cosmos, and which pervades all existence ephemerally.

Is Consciousness then that which links all existence insubstantially, enabling connections to be sensed by components of life? Would this enable my soul to guide me in each embodied life, were I to seek such an input? After all, my soul is indeed the essential ME, with my current body of form and substance a temporary Earthly extension; and in need of guidance.

Fragmentary glimpses of a past life have arisen through my efforts, via auto-hypnosis, to view where I have been and what I did. Significantly, 2 clairvoyants, claiming to be able to perceive a couple of my past lives, with help from their spirit guides, have confirmed at least one of my past lives. This is supported by a sort of ‘gut feeling’ I have about that life.

Did my soul participate in this matter? That raises 2 important issues. During a course at a yoga ashram on meditation, we were repeatedly asked “Who is the Watcher?” This is a profoundly interesting concept; that behind our thoughts and actions stands a part of us which is aware of what is happening. This seems to be close to conscience, whose origin may not all be learned.

Strangely, on the 2 occasions during my life when I displayed great anger, another part of me clearly said “What are you doing?” For that to happen, there has to be a third part of me viewing this play.

Another reason for somehow becoming aware oF a past life would be to outgrow certain attitudes which may have been appropriate in that life, but which need to be discarded to enable progress morally. For example, if I have fought for justice in my previous life, I would now have to learn to work for justice.

As Dr. Radhakrishnan, a former President of India, said, “We are born, not to  enjoy life, but to learn.” But, why not combine the two?