Former colonies of the USA


  •  Liberia (1821–47) – Liberia was never officially claimed by the United States. Rather it was founded by the American Colonization Society, a private American civilian organization.


North America


South America

(Source: Wikipedia)


(Comment:  Even the USA, which posits itself as representing freedom, was slow in releasing control over some of its territories. Since then it has become one of the neo-colonisers of the West. Having acquired a new kind of empire – the hegemonic empire, one based on influence rather than on control – it offers protection to nations such as Australia.

Whether it ends up as one of the many brief empires of history depends essentially upon the movements of our planets. How  predictable are such movements, and their potential impacts?  Could they depend  on God’s Will?  

Could hegemonic empires be replaced by co-prosperity spheres of the kind Japan had in mind?)