A reading list

I found this list in my hard-drive. Book readers may be interested in some of them.


‘The invention of the Jewish people’ by Shlomo Sands
‘Freefall: free markets and the sinking of the global economy’ by Joseph. E. Stiglitz
‘The modern Middle East’ by Ilan Pappe
‘Mapping human history: discovering our past through our genes’ by Steve Olsen
‘Globalisation and its discontents’ by Joseph E. Stiglitz
‘Drawing the global colour line’ by Marilyn Lake and Henry Reynolds
‘A history of Chinese civilisation’ by Jacques Gernet
‘History of the Arabs: from the earliest times to the present’ by Philip Khuri Hitti
‘Hannibal’ by Ross Leckie
‘Mukiwa: a white boy in Africa’ by Peter Godwin
‘The Aztecs’ by Richard F. Townsend
‘Kublai Khan: from Xanadu to superpower’ by John Man
‘Girls like you’ by Paul Sheehan
‘The Paradise Tree: an eccentric childhood remembered’ by James Murray
‘Kill Khalid: Mossad’s failed hit’ by Paul McGeough
‘Schmoozing the terrorists: from Hollywood to the Holy Land’ by Aaron Klein
‘Afghan Wars: battles in hostile land: 1839 to the present’ by Edgar o’ballance
‘My Israel Question’ by Antony Loewenstein
‘The audacity of hope’ by Barack Obama
‘1421: The year China discovered the world’ by Gavin Menzies
‘1434: The year a magnificient Chinese fleet sailed to Italy and ignited the Renaissance’ by Gavin Menzies

July 2010