‘Time must pass’

Time must pass

 When time is nothing more

than the passing of events.

Events recorded but not remembered;

events unrecorded but seeped into the soul.

Is this sequence of events anything more

than the passing of time?


Time does not surely exist

in the way we do.

Time does not surely create

in the way our gods do.

Worse still, in this transient life of ours

even the gods must pass through,

in some semblance of sequence,

just as we humans pass –  through time.


When the time comes to contemplate

how Time (capital T) might have deceived us,

when we realize that three score plus ten or twenty for us

is nothing more than the long life of that insect

whose whole life only went

from our dawn to dusk.


So, when we look back in time

to see what we have achieved in our time,

should we not accept,

as surely must that insect,

that Time (capital T) might have mislead us.


Even as cosmic ‘dark matter’ barges through space

enhancing the pull of gravity,

we, who dance to the tune of our destiny

are surely penetrated by that dark matter.


This could let us to intone

with great and meaningful gravity

that Time (capital T) is part of

that space-time in which we dance.


But, can we truthfully claim

that half of the cake of existence

was the creator of

the whole of the cake of existence?


Oh, how sad it is when

we have to make up a god

because our Creator chooses

not to reveal Himself to us


Is it not better to wait for

our Creator to reveal Herself?

For Himself is also Herself .


Which is why some of us

face opposite directions simultaneously

while we wait for celestial light to bathe us.

But that will take time.