CHOOSING one’s life on Earth

I cannot conceive a more inane theory associated with reincarnation. That is what happens when one attempts to harness the relative passive wisdom of the religions of the East with the ‘you can be whatever you wish’ opportunistic optimism of the modern West. ‘God’s Will,’ the mantra of the historic West, is not often heard now, while life continues to be unpredictable, and (often) damaging.

It is the New Age philosophy which offers choice. Before leaving the Afterlife (a temporary heaven), a soul about to return to Earth (which I consider to be Hell) will, according to the New Agers, choose (assisted by one or more Guides) the terms, or experiences, or lessons of the next life. But, who would choose the trials and tribulations of normal Earthly existence? On Earth, most of us pray for a smoother or better life, don’t we? I would have been very stupid to choose the life I have experienced so far.

Since life on Earth seems to offer opportunities for the betterment of one’s morality, an autonomous process seems more probable. Yet, Hinduism’s framework of reincarnation has built-in free will. You prepare your bed, without being aware of it consciously. You then lie on it in your next life.

This framework offers freedom to follow your path of destiny (which reflects your past lives); or not! In progressing on this river of destiny over time, a barrage of influences beyond one’s control will impact upon us. How we respond to these will shape the river of destiny for the next life.

As aspiring souls, we are surely free to benefit from any assistance available from spirit guides and saints.