Could water carry memories of the past?

Where did the salt in the sea come from? The usual explanation is that rain and river erode rocks, washing out sodium chloride. Not convincing! Perhaps the salt arises from the bowel of Earth.

The issue now is whether water can carry memories of the past, as is being claimed by certain scientific researchers. As a river takes water from its origin to its destination, is it accumulating memories of its journey? In that case, does rain bring memories from any extraterrestrial source, eg. a comet? An interesting thought!

An early case for memory in water comes from homeopathy. Even at a great dilution, the curative properties of the fluid intended to treat an ill person are not reportedly destroyed. There will, of course, be dissenters challenging age-old medical practices as not proven or ineffective.

Now, we have claims that, under specified circumstances, water can store and transmit information. The information referred to in the case which came to my notice was DNA. Obtaining that information requires highly specific procedures. That seems reasonable. One cannot have information thrown about freely.

Since homeopathy needs the water in the curative solution to be able to encode, preserve and transmit information, is the concept of water memory too outlandish? Extremely low frequency electromagnetic waves may be involved in the transmission of information. It needs extraordinary minds thinking ‘outside the box’ to research such relationships.

Could similar research have implications for understanding how an insubstantial, ethereal soul could communicate with the mind of the human being currently providing the most recent abode for that soul?

I have a ‘gut’ feeling that this may happen occasionally. I once had a ‘gut’ feeling that led to the discovery of a pre-cancerous polyp in my bowel.

More importantly, how does an insubstantial, ethereal spirit in the Afterlife preserve memories of significant events in previous Earthly lives, to be able to transmit those to a human being currently on Earth?

The core issue is how memories are transferred.